Top 5 Great Android Apps to Help You Quit Smoking


We all know smoking is an unhealthy habit yet many people are addicted to it. Many try to escape from it and fool around but they mostly come back to the nicotine puff, which is highly addictive. The effects of nicotine withdrawal make quitting smoking such a hard challenge.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of ways and services that can help in quitting smoking, which also includes various types of mobile apps. Such apps have been specifically designed to help you quit smoking by tracking your craving and money saved for motivation. Some provide a community of people trying to quit smoking as well that can support you on this journey. Check out a few of the great Android apps to help you quit smoking.

Smoke Free

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Smoke-Free is an android mobile application that helps you quit smoking by tracking how long you have been smoking free, how many cigarettes you have avoided and how much money you have saved. Users can record their cravings as they experience them. They can get useful tips and tools to help avoid them and work out the pattern of their cravings. The users earn badges for the progress as the smoke-free duration increases. The app also provides missions or everyday tasks that motivate and are considered to help you cease smoking altogether if done properly. The app also allows you to share your successes with your friends.


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The app provides a community of people where you can chat and get all the support you need in your journey to quit smoking. It comes with an easy to use interface and has helped over 2 million people to date. The milestones system of the app is a fun way to track the progress and keep you focused and committed to your goals. You can share your success, struggles and goals. The app also supports 44 languages and the health indicators are based on data by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Quit Tracker

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This app acts as a perfect motivational tool for those who want to kick out smoking from their lives. It tracks how close you are to leading a smoke-free life. It has a customizable interface that comes with a health tab to show the health benefits of quitting and a diary feature to keep tabs. It comes with a simple card matching game to distract you in case the cravings return. The ads can be turned off by upgrading to the premium version that also adds a home screen widget and increases the number of virtual rewards you get along your journey.

Stop Smoking – EasyQuit

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The Stop Smoking app provides all the statistics on one page along with various features like scientific statistics, more than 50 beautifully created badges and memory game. It also comes with a Stop Smoking Slowly mode that creates a customized plan to quit smoking with no pain or stress with 5 reminders to keep you motivated and in check. The app can be personalized using 28 different themes and the memory game provided has been proven to help control the urges. The various badges keep you motivated on your journey as your achievements increase.


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Flamy provides a choice between two stop programs – one to stop smoking slowly known as One less every day” and the other program for quitting quickly known as “14 Days Challenge”. The app supports by providing helpful tips and motivation cards with interesting contents that must be known for smoking cessation. The unique feature added in the app is that you can challenge your friends to bet with you that might help you reach your goal.

There are a lot of apps in the market that is working on helping their users to quit smoking. The app which caught my eye is the QuitNow! It comes with an amazingly colourful and user-friendly interface. Their chat is a unique function that is trained to answer personalized queries of the users. The QuitNow! app also provides a huge social network of people on a similar journey to help and support you on your journey. Happy quitting.

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