Best OnePlus 5 Cases and Covers

Since OnePlus 5 has launched, the smartphone industry is keeping the buzz around, and why would it not be? The device packs some top notch specs and has a fantastic aluminium body design that looks spectacular. But no matter a smartphone has a sturdy material and Gorilla Glasses, whenever it drops accidentally it take some damage. Surely, it would be minor scratches but why take a risk. And that’s where back cover checks in. So, if you are looking forward to buying a case for added protection. Here are Top 5 Best OnePlus 5 Cases and Covers You Can Buy.

5 Best OnePlus 5 Cases and Covers

1OnePlus 5 Protective Cases

This is where it all started. I the official case you get a nice and grippy material, which is sort of rough. The karbon fibre is something that is not going to slip out of your hands very easily. It will also prevent your phone from minor accidental drops and scuffs. The case doesn’t have a TPU bumper or silicone rubber to absorb the impact caused by the drop, but so far, the overall qualities are impressive. It is a sleek case that will shield your One Plus 5 without adding bulk. To buy these official covers: Click Here (India) or Click Here (Global)

2OnePlus 5 Achiever Series Case

OnePlus 5 Achiever Series Case

3OnePlus 5 Carbon Fiber Cover

Oneplus 5 Carbon Fiber Cover

4OnePlus 5 Robot Armour Stand

5OnePlus 5 Transparent FlexiCase



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