Traveler: Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Traveler: Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool

It happens with most of us that when we use our mobile phones or laptops to write any note, we get distracted. We start checking our newsfeed, watching friend’s story, or responding to emails. And, same happens with the writers who choose to use mobile phones, laptops or PC to write their content. It is virtually impossible for modern writers to stay focused while using traditional computers in order to write their content. To get rid of distractions which are caused by social applications, the traveler is created. Traveler is the world’s first laptop with the sole purpose of providing zero distractions to all the writers out there. It is a portable distraction-free writing tool that enables one to finish their paper, screenplay and other writing stuff faster and more creatively.

How does Traveler works?

The working of the traveler is easy and simple. You just have to turn it on and then you can start writing. All the files are saved locally and as soon as you get connected to a network, it seamlessly backs up all the saved files to the cloud.

Exciting features:

  1. Traveler is an ultra-portable, small and compact folding product which is available at a reasonable cost.
  2. Traveler has a way too different keyboard as compared to traditional laptops or computers. Its keyboard is going to give a good typing experience to its users.
  3. The Traveler has about 30 hours of battery life.
  4. It syncs to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.
  5. Traveler uses a different kind of ink called an E ink. The E ink uses ambient light, which makes it easy on the eyes and won’t wash out even in the sunlight.

Is it my good to go device?

Traveler: Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool This device helps you to focus and keeps you away from distractions which are caused by social applications and hence allows you to work in a distraction-free environment so that the flow of your thoughts doesn’t get affected even by the single interruption.


This ultimate writing companion is available to pre-order on indegogo at a minute cost of 329 USD. So grab it before it goes out of stock.

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