TRAWO by APEMAN -The Ultimate 4K Action Camera

TRAWO by APEMAN -The Ultimate 4K Action Camera

Action Camera’s are basically designed for recording-on-the-go while being immersed in it. Karl Lagerfeld said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” So, the best way to preserve the best memories is to capture them exactly as they are. With Trawo by Apeman you can explore the world and can capture the best moments. Trawo is a 4k action camera that delivers incredible HD quality images.

How does Trawo works?

Trawo means travel the world. Thus TRAWO action camera allows you to capture all your moments while travelling, you just have to Mount the camera, shoot the picture and edit the picture. TRAWO delivers 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1440P/60fps, 1080P/60fps videos and 20 MP photos that capture every moment in crisp detail and unparalleled clarity.  It records images and video exactly as you see them, in vivid high-definition.


  1. Trawo is an easy to use action camera.
  2. With an impervious housing design Trawo can capture epic underwater moments forever.
  3. Trawo offers 170° ultra-wide field of viewto capture all the beauty around you.
  4. Trawo is the combination of 7-Layer Glass LensUV protection filmand IR filter which makes the camera capable of reducing color dispersion and correcting color aberration.
  5. Trawo creates an amazing high definition slow motion and time lapse video.
  6. TRAWO features a 1350mAh battery that ensures a solid 90 minutes of video recording in 1080P so your camera lasts as long as you do.

Why should one go for Trawo?

Most of the action camera fails when it comes to capture a picture without shaking and blurring. TRAWO uses Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology to process the movement so that the shaking and blurring will be minimized. Hence, Trawo is designed with everything you need in an Action Camera.


You can buy this 4k action camera from at a minimal cost of 119 USD. So, hurry up because they got a limited stock.

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