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Turn Color Into Sound with Innovative Specdrums Rings

Music is the only thing that helps us to relax and achieve peace. Some of us have the habit of producing different sorts of beats by tapping on any item of our surrounding. It gives us a special feeling while doing our work. Thus introducing you with Specdrum- rings that can make the world your sound machine. With Specdrum you can tap anywhere, anytime to create musical beats and sounds.

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How does it work?

First of all, you’ve to wear the Specdrums ring on your finger and connect it to your Android or iOS device via the app. Now you can tap onto anything with colour in your surroundings to produce different beats of different musical pitches wirelessly through the app. You can choose from a variety of options for musical instruments like keyboards, synths, drum kits or from your own customized sound effects. The color of each sound can be customized to match specific colours around you.


  • You can create your own short musical snippets called Sloops which can be shared, downloaded and can be opened by others who can add more to your music.
  • It gives you an option to save colour schemes.
  • Specdrums rings behave as a Bluetooth MIDI Device.
  • With Specdrums, you’ll receive a 12-Color Specdrums keyboard.
  • You’ll also receive dual micro-USB cable, capable of charging two rings at once.

Why should you buy it?

Turn Color Into Sound with Innovative Specdrums RingsSpecdrums is a great device for drummers, musicians or anyone who fidgets and tap at their desks. If you’re looking for a small MIDI device that can fit into your pocket, then Specdrums would be quite useful. Moreover, children love to play with it and it is a creative technology which can be used by teachers for STEAM education. If you love music and are keen to develop something new, Specdrums would surely help you.


This amazing product is currently available on pre order basis on kickstarter.com. The price of the product is 29 $, hurry up because they are offering discounts.

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Aayush Dayal
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