Turn you MAC into a Touchscreen Tablet with Luna Display

Turn you MAC into a Touchscreen Tablet with Luna Display

Astropad, the company behind many popular and incredibly powerful iOS apps. Astro HQ has launched a new product that is called the Luna display. It is a small piece of hardware that turns an iPad into a full-on second display, no wires are required as it turns your iPad into a wireless second display with stunning image quality.

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The device is available for Mini Display port or USB-C. Luna is designed to fit exceptionally with your Mac. It looks like a small crystal with a USB-C port sticking out of it. Astropad explains that this accessory is the “first and only hardware solution that turns into a powerful screen”.

How does it Work?

Once you have the USB-C or mini display plugged into your Mac, you simply download the luna display application for Mac and iOS and you’ll be up and running within seconds. Once you have the application open on both devices, Mac client will immediately recognize your iPad and ask you if you would like to connect. After that, the iPad will immediately be recognized as a second screen by Mac OS.

Key features

  • Luna delivers stunning image quality without any glitch and blurriness.
  • It is available for USB-C and mini display port.
  • It works with any Mac over Wifi.
  • Luna harnesses the raw power of your graphics
  • It has full support for external keyboard, apple pencil and touch interactions.
  • It is easy to use and fits in your palm.

Should I buy it?

Luna Display

Astro HQ says the big advantage of plugging in the dongle is being able to trick the Mac into putting extra graphics resources towards the second display. Luna adds second screen capability to astropad with full retina quality. Luna opens the door for true colour calibration functionality in the future. Its compact and easy to install, so you don’t need an extra iPad for your mobile work.


Astropad is funding its luna display product with a Kickstarter campaign. The Luna units are currently available on preorder for $59 only.

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