Turn your iPhone into a Game Console with New GameSir M2


Playing games on the phone are turning to be a favorite past time of people. And playing games sometimes become critical, obviously because of lots of control option on the screen. Well, to all those gamers out there we have got a special control designed perfectly for iOS game players. The GameSir M2 is a phenomenal device in terms of a portable controller. With M2, a player will get the ultimate iOS experience from their Apple devices.

GameSir M2 features:

The device is equipped with an 800mAh rechargeable battery, that will give you more than 30Hour of gameplay. The device also has a battery indicator, divided into four section and each LED represent 25% of the battery power. The designing of the GamesSir M2 is the most astonishing part of the device, the rubber coated textured handles gives a comfortable grip.

The device is having Bluetooth 4.0, so that you can easily connect to your iPhone whenever you want. The GameSir M2 also supports connectivity to different devices besides Apple. The device is featuring fast pressure -sensitive buttons and a dual vibration motor, which feels really awesome.

Users can also find thousands of M2 supported Retro games, which is available on GmaeSir’s free app “Happy Chick”. You can also check out M@ supported mobile games available on GameSir’s app “GameSir World”. You can Download GameSir World to your Smartphone, and it will show you all M2 supported iOS games shared by others as well as you can also share your games with your friends via GameSir World.

Why you need an iPhone gamepad?


  1. This gamepad prevents your fingers from getting sore after fiddling with the controls for a long duration of playing.
  2. You can see the screen in full view, which was earlier blocked by some control buttons
  3. M2 delivers a rapid reaction speed which comes in handy when playing Shooting, Sports or Adventure games.
  4. M2 is the perfect solution for gamers who are tired of sitting and playing at one place in front of a screen. This gamepad makes your gaming experience portable, and the Bluetooth connection allows you to play from anywhere.

GameSir M2 Gamepad for iOS io originally priced at $99.But now it is available for pre-sale with awesome discount pricing of up to 50% off i.e. $49 on Kickstarter. If you own an iPhone and play games a lot then, you should try this GamePad.It will increase your gaming experience.

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