VERSE Smart mirror – The Smart Mirror without fingerprints

VERSE Smart mirror - The Smart Mirror without fingerprints

From smartphones to smart TVs, technology is making our lives better every day by modifying the existing items into a smarter version of themselves. But did you ever imagine that even a mirror can be converted into a Smartmirror with the help of the advancing technology? To know more about it, first, you need to understand this scenario.

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Sometimes we wake up late in the morning, or we are getting late for the office or we slept late, whatever the reason be but it affects our present day. We have very less time to check up on the day’s news or weather reports or even our train/bus schedule. This is when the concept of Smartmirror kicks in. Imagine you’re brushing your teeth and all the daily updates that you need just pops up on your mirror. Not only saving your time but also everything in one place. Isn’t that great? So let us discuss more this amazing gadget.

How does it work?


It’s working is quite amazing. First of all, it has got a motion sensor which boots it up automatically as soon as you’re near it. You can customise whatever widgets you prefer in the VERSE app in your smartphone. Now you can control it via your voice or you can even use hand gestures, thus preventing it from any sort of spots of touching. Gesture recognition makes it very useful since even a child can use it without any hassle. In order to save power, it automatically goes down when it does not detect any movements for a few minutes.


  • The frame of VERSE is made up to stainless aluminium steel which is coloured either matt black or matt silver.
  • It has got a dimension of 55 × 55 × 3.5 cm.
  • Its smartphone app is supported by both iOS and Android.
  • It is integrated with OLED area lighting panels to maintain the proper balance of light in between the mirror and the person standing in front of it.
  • Widgets supported by this mirror are as follows; time, news, weather, YouTube, Calendar, emails, public transports, timetable, reminders, todos, stock market prices, custom inputs.

Why should you buy it?

VERSE Smart mirror - The Smart Mirror without fingerprintsYou should certainly go for it if you’ve got a hectic schedule and can not spare a single moment anywhere. It will help you save a lot of time. In addition to this, you’ll not have to entirely depend upon your smartphone for everything, whether you’re brushing, bathing or doing makeup, etc. , you can multitask all at once. It’s a new step towards our advanced future, so you should definitely give it a try.


Currently, a functional and an appearance prototype of this product is available. The prototype works well with the alpha version of its smartphone app. You can visit  and check it out.

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