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Vue vs React 2022 : Which has Better Performance?

Every goal in our digital age is to produce high-end online solutions. Vue.js and ReactJS are perhaps the most popular front-end programming frameworks. But many developers got confused about Vue vs React which is the best JavaScript Framework? They both aid in the creation of a customizable user interface. According to their theory, the user interface is data, and every change results in a new function. These functions are used to refresh particular page blocks, often known as user interface components.

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Vuejs and Reactjs components are a collection of JavaScript and HTML code arranged into a single file. The component follows the same hierarchical concepts as the parent and child, with the ability to communicate data.


Before we compare Vue vs React in-depth, let’s look at their overviews.

Vue vs React: Overview

Reactjs: Facebook developed Reactjs, an open-source JavaScript library. Both online and mobile applications use it to interact with the view layer. It can be used on the client as well as on a server. Reactjs includes the following features: 

  • Scalability
  • Rich JavaScript Library
  • Code Reusability

Vuejs: Vuejs is a JavaScript front-end MVC framework for creating dynamic user interfaces and single-page apps. Evan, You released it in February 2014. Web UI changes can be made gradually with the help of Vue.js. Below are some of Vuejs’ features.

  • Adaptability
  • Components
  • Transition
  • Detailed Documentation

Now that you’ve understood both, it’s time to get down to business. Let’s see how Reactjs and Vuejs differ.

Vue vs React: Differences

There are a few distinctions between the two that significantly impact each. The fundamental distinction between Vue and React is how they render content in the DOM. Vue makes use of both HTML and JSX, while React only makes use of JSX. While JSX can help you accelerate and simplify larger, more complex tasks, it can also make a small task more difficult.

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React’s primary features are DOM manipulation and component state management. The community backs up everything else. The freedom it gives can be overwhelming for beginners, but experienced developers often prefer it.

While Vue offers many community-built solutions, its core group also creates and maintains widely used tools and frameworks, including Vue-router, Vuex, and Vue CLI. This mix of pre-built and third-party resources caters to the needs and goals of both novice and experienced developers.

Vue vs React: Performance 

The application’s speed is determined by two primary metrics: startup time and runtime. Both libraries have small bundle sizes, saving 31KB for Vue/84.4KB uncompressed and 32.5/101.2KB for React on the initial load.

These measurements aid in comparing startup times, memory allocation, and operation durations for major JS frameworks and libraries during runtime.

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When you change the state of a component in React, it will re-render all of its child components. This may have a detrimental impact on the app’s performance. On the other hand, Vue keeps track of dependencies and avoids rendering child components that aren’t needed. Virtual DOM is used in both technologies.

Vue vs React: Popularity


The number of developers available for employment and the quality of third-party resources is affected by libraries’ popularity. But, more crucially, it implies that someone else has already solved the issues you may face. The following statistics demonstrate the reaction’s popularity:

  • 185K GitHub stars
  • 38K forks
  • 1544 contributors
  • 10,945,991 live websites
  • 375,863 questions on Stackover flow 

Here you can get assistance with your concerns: DEV’s React communityHashnode’s React communityReactiflux chat on Discord and Reddit.


Although Vue has a lower market share, its user base continues to increase. In comparison to React, it has limited resources, bundles, and third-party plugins. 

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It does, however, come with additional features. Vue is supported by all major IDEs, though not to React’s extent. Evan You and a team of 19 engineers are responsible for maintaining Vue, which was funded through a crowdsourcing campaign. The following stats show the popularity OF Vue.js:

  • 195K GitHub stars
  • 31.8K forks
  • 404 contributors
  • 3,324,270 live websites
  • 91,649questions on Stackover flow 

Here you can get assistance with your concerns. Discord (perhaps the most active community at the moment), Reddit, and Vue forum.

Vue vs React: Architecture Pattern


There is no built-in architecture pattern in React. React is in charge of the application’s view layer, which comprises components. React components act as functions, rendering the core user interface as the data changes. The status of components and user action are constantly in conversation. When you want to design applications with fewer features and scope, the state of react component is ideal. For the execution of architecture patterns, React relies on third-party libraries.


Vue uses the ViewModel method and MVVM to apply the pattern while creating large-scale applications. The view and model parts are connected via a two-way binding method. Vue and DOM structure design can be abstracted using filters and directives. Vue.js is not a comprehensive framework since, unlike most technologies, it is built around a view layer. It facilitates the construction of simple and adaptable applications.

Vue vs React: Hiring Developers


It may be more challenging to hire vuejs developers when compared to react. This framework isolates the inner code complexity because of its simple architecture and flexibility. For a small project, a team of at least three or more people is necessary, and for large-scale application development, a group of five or more people with at least one or two skilled developers is required. In the United States, a vue.js developer earns an average of $78,526 a year.


Create compelling Create compelling user interfaces with react. Because javascript professionals are more likely to be interested in developing web applications, hiring reactjs developers is easier than ever. You can Hire ReactJS Developers for an economical rate of $15/hr in India. This, of course, varies by country. A Reactjs developer earns an average of $120,000 in the United States.

React vs Vue: Learning Curve


For developers who are familiar with JavaScript, Reactjs is simple to understand. Because of a strong understanding of API architecture and data flow in JavaScript, it takes a concise amount of time for an experienced developer to learn the workflows and structure of React. The formation of a team becomes more straightforward due to the lower learning curve, as any new or skilled developer can join.


Vue is the simplest to learn and understand of all the Javascript. It takes anywhere from a few hours to less than almost a week to master. All required is a basic understanding of how ES6 works and some basic JavaScript programming skills. Vue’s documentation is also simple to grasp. However, it isn’t as extensive as that of other frameworks.

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The community language issue makes learning and sharing resources with the community more complex. However, the official documents provide more than enough information for a beginner to start studying Vue and producing web apps.

Vue vs React: Security


Apps written in Vue are more accessible to protect than those written in React. While automatic defences against XSS vulnerabilities are not available, Vue developers can clean HTML code before implementing it or use additional libraries to help prevent assaults. You can precisely render HTML content and safeguard the application before and after rendering in circumstances where you believe the HTML is safe.


React security depends on developers following best security practices to guard against Cross-site scripting attacks, server-side rendering exploits, SQL injections, and specific other threats. Employing the serialize-Javascript module, exploiting script-injection weaknesses, and using secure React Native applications are examples. While React is simple to use, ensuring the security of React projects requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Vue vs React 2024: Which is the better choice?

The following points demonstrate when Vuejs and Reactjs are appropriate to employ.

Vue is preferable to React in the following areas.

  • Aids in the creation of web apps that are both easier and faster.
  • The documentation for Vue.js has been dramatically improved and expanded.
  • It facilitates the creation of template-based apps.
  • Has a far more user-friendly syntax, integration, and adaptability.

React is preferable to Vue in the following areas.

  • Provides a more robust set of API choices than Virtual DOM.
  • When creating more significant, more complicated apps gives you additional options.
  • It is less difficult to evaluate.
  • Apart from web development, it also helps the development of mobile apps. It also provides more outstanding technical assistance by providing more information and resources.

To Conclude: Vue vs React which is better?

Choosing a framework for dealing with might be difficult because each project has unique requirements and features. So, rather than focusing on the amount of information available on the web for: Which framework is better? one should focus on determining which framework best adjusts and fits the project’s demands.

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In addition, factors such as your project’s size, complexity, and aims have a significant role in your final verdict. Both frameworks have their own set of requirements, and your experience as a developer might affect how you deal with those specifics to improve your project.

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