Top 5 Ways to Backup Google Play Apps APK on Your Android Phone

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More than 75% of the users worldwide use Android devices. If you’re one of those Android users, this article is definitely for you. If you use Android phones, you must be familiar with .apk files. Apk files are basically the format of all the applications present in our device, it may be inbuilt or a downloaded one. Here in this article, we’ll learn about how to extract these .apk files. But before that, let us understand some basics.

What is a .apk file?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. As mentioned earlier, it is the format of the applications stored in your device. You can have a better understanding of it by thinking what .exe files are for Windows, .apk files are for Android. Whenever you download something from Google play store, the apk file gets installed internally and you’ve no access to it. But if you download it from some third-party site, then the situation will be completely different. Third party site means some external source other than Google play store.

How to extract the apk file?

There are two methods to extract a. apk file. One way is to take the backup of the application and the other way is to download the .apk file from some third-party site. While talking backup, do not take backup of the whole application including other stuff such as App data. Just to a regular backup so as it doesn’t consume much memory on your phone. Before starting let us understand the significance of these apk files.

What is the use of apk?

  • You can transfer the applications to other devices and install them without having the internet.
  • You can always take backup of your favourite apps and store it somewhere else like on your computer, etc.
  • You can also take backup of those apps which you use less frequently but are necessary. You can uninstall the app after using and again install it from the backup whenever you need it again.
  • There is a number of applications which are not available on Google Play but can run on your smartphone without any hassle. You can install such apps from third-party sites.

Extract .apk from Android

  1. Using Assistant for Android

[appbox googleplay com.advancedprocessmanager screenshots]

Assistant for Android is one of few apps which are very light in weight and consume only a few system resources. The whole app size is less than 1MB. All you’ve to do is install Android Assistance from Google Play Store. Now open the app, go to tools and click Backup and Restore. After this click next to apps of which you want to take backup. Now tap on the Backup option at the bottom. This will start the backup process and your backup file will be stored in the Android Assistance App Backup Folder in your SD card.

  1. Using File Explorer

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Taking a backup of your app using File managers is a popular way of taking backup. Most of the people use it because the File explorers serve various functionalities of managing your files. Talking about File Explorer, it is a free app available on Google Play store using which you can easily backup your applications. Open-File Explorer, click on Apps, it will take you to all the apps installed on your phone. Now long press on the app or multiple apps and click on a Backup option in the bottom left. Now click on open to see where the backup files are stored. You can some other File explorer apps like ES file explorer or solid explorer to do the same process.

  1. Using AirDroid

[appbox googleplay com.sand.airdroid screenshots]

AirDroid is a browser-based service which helps you to store mobile based applications on your computer. It works on all the OS like Windows, MacOS, etc. Basically, AirDroid is a free app which helps you to manage your Android device from your computer’s browser. So first of all, install AirDroid from Google Play. Now follow some simple instructions to connect your device to the system. Basically, there will be an IP address on your device, type that address on your browser and it will open AirDroid on your computer. Now click on App icon and choose the app you want to take backup of. Now click the Download button and it will make a backup in a .zip file which you can extract later.

  1. Extract apk from Google play

Well, this one is quite different from all the other methods discussed here. In other methods, you’re taking backup of pre-installed apps but here you can directly generate a backup of the app which you want to download from Play Store. All you’ve done is go on this link; and paste the Google Play URL of the app. Now click on the Generate Download Link button. This is one of the easiest ways of taking backup but the link provided is full of pop-up ads which is annoying sometimes.

  1. Download from online sources

The good thing about the internet is that you don’t have to depend on a single source for anything. There are several online websites from which you can get the apk file of any application you want. The good thing is you can even get the version from two years ago or the latest version. ApkMirror is a decent online app repository. Thus saving you the process of installing the app from Google Play and then taking backup.


So these were a few ways to extract Apk file on your phone. If you want to store the backup on your phone Assistant for Android and File Explorer are good. If you wish to store on your computer, AirDroid is the best app. Other than that, you can always use online sites to get your apk. If you know any other way of extracting APK files, let us know. Don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe.

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