How Web Hosting Affect on SEO Page Rank

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World Wide Web Hosting and SEO integrate some network by some point or another. Right now there are some elements that are quite necessary to choose a Best web hosting. That impacts the choice of the clients to get a hosting package from those companies. There are several things from the point of SEO, which are important for getting a hosting package, along with the accretion of SEO Services purpose.

There are lots of factors related to search engine optimization and hosting. That is important to know that both SEO and web hosting are connected. It truly is in two ways that hosting is damaged majorly.

Generally, 3 points which could affect on SEO Page Rank

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  1. Up-time/Downtime :

Up-time performs one of the main roles, if you have frequent downtime, then this may affect your ranking very majorly as Google will not want their customers or reads to land on a dead page.

  1. Geo Location:

With Google making a massive amount of difference in their search algorithm, local SEO has gained a massive importance, in case if you are targeting residents via search engine, always ensure to choose the country, state and associated with hosting accordingly. But if you are working on global product then where you host will not a huge factor.

  1. Acceleration or speed of server

Server speed plays another major role. No subject how fast your websites are optimized, if your server is extremely gradual, it will affect your rankings. So always ensure to adhere to the best structure to speed up your production/live website.

Now, however search engines can discover the patterns, and so they no longer reward sites apply these link farms with the same level of “backlinks” afforded to links from sites that are completely independent and not related.

Choose Best Web hosting, which gives website owners a little of the leg up in that they provide website owners with hosting plans that assign multiple class C IP address, which appears to the search engines as being completely independent of one another.

Hosting Effect on website SEO


When this occurs, the search machines will target this kind of IP address and anyone different that exists on it could also be penalized. Even if this will not sound too light, it does happen since for the search engines it gets simpler to do this. Your ranking on the search engine could get hurt in a linking between SEO and hosting particularly when there are issues with web hosting to keep the site accessible online.

If in case a lot of downtimes has experience by the site then there are two fallouts to manage. In the first show up out the various search engines will identify that your site is not easily reachable and for this the consequence levied is a reduced rating. This is done to keep your site really does not direct customers to sites that are not accessible or not easily reachable. This certainly makes a lot of sense to search engines worried.

So, Hope this will help you to get an idea How Web Hosting Affect on SEO Page Rank? If you have any suggestions or I missed something, please comment down below.

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