Web3 Social Platform ‘Taki’ launched its App for Android users while surpassing 550K user-base worldwide


After opening the access for users in August, Taki, the global web3 social network platform announced the launch of its Android app to further boost its expansion. The announcement of being available at the Google Play Store comes at a time when Taki has successfully surpassed the milestone of having half a million users worldwide. 

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The app has made several efforts to enhance the user experience on the platform with the addition of utility-driven features which further solidify the user safety on the platform. Tami aims to generate a daily income for its user on the social platform by integrating it with the power of crypto. 

“Our constant endeavour to make our platform more user-friendly motivated us to introduce an Android app for Taki. We aim to provide our users with a platform that offers a streamlined user interface, a fast load time and the ability to customize the content,” said Sakina Arsiwala, Co-Founder of Taki.

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Additionally, Taki has introduced Coin profile pages to track any user’s coin performance under multiple metrics such as the share of owners, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), coins in circulation, the total number of supporters, etc. Another key addition is the new interface on Taki which showcases a top coin leaderboard. It highlights the top 10 users who are holding the coins with the highest value against $TAKI over the previous 7 days. Now, fellow community members and creators on the platform can reward both a content creator’s post and the related comments can also be rewarded with a Gold Taki. Overall, it enhances the engagement level on the platform and provides additional motivation for community members to demonstrate appreciation for their favourite content creators’ posts.

“Seeing such a positive response from the community has been rewarding. The user experience drives us to keep improving the product. We believe that Taki will be the first-of-its-kind in bridging the gap between the everyday internet user and Web3, especially with India’s ever-growing potential in the crypto ecosystem,” said Saad Rizvi, Venture Partner at SuperLayer.

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Along with the Android app launch, Taki has also carried out important features to improve the user experience and strengthen the platform’s security with a simple movement of usercoins, best known as $UCOIN. The platform is also offering the opportunity to users for owning their unique desired $UCOIN. Users can now access Taki without delay to register before anyone else takes their desired name. A $USERCOIN will be created once a particular individual completes verification on the platform. 

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