What Apple Has New to Offer with its Latest 10.0.2 Update?


The tech arena witnessed the much-awaited update iOS10 a few months ago, now Apple has surprised the industry with its latest minor update iOS 10.0.2. The move is considered as a safeguard from the issues cropping up in EarPod and iPhone7 even right since their launch. Users filed a number of complaints, especially the users of the two devices. The major issue was in accessing songs and the absurd way the song functionality of these devices was behaving. Moreover, these issues were piling up for many iPhone app development companies in India. With this updates, Apple has sparked a number of questions, for instance, is this update for every iPhone device holder? What impact it will have on my device?, etc.

We have compiled this brief study to answer all the queries you have regarding this 10.0.2 update.

Whom Does iOS10.0.2 Update Target?

Please take a heed of a few aspects before getting your device updated to 0.2 as not all need to bring up to date. We have to understand that it is designed for the iPhone 5 or greater, iPad 2 or greater, iPad mini 2 or greater, iPad Pro range and the 6th generation iPod touch or greater. You do not have to worry if none of the above mentioned devices is owned by you. If yes then you will receive these updates automatically; however, if you don’t receive, it can be initiated from the ‘Settings’ option in your phone.
Why iOS 10.0.2 Is essential?

After identifying the issues, Apple took an instant action to clear bugs from the whole line of devices. Once you upgrade to iOS 10.0.2, bugs get automatically fixed, you get improved stability, etc. In addition, this update eliminates any issue that could prevent headphone audio controls from temporarily not working. Fixes up the trouble causing Photos to quit for a few users as soon as they try to access iCloud Photo Library. This updates also resolves the problem, which does not allow users access some app extensions.

How Apple Dealt with the Issue

This move is considered as the quickest in figuring out the issue by Apple and providing proper aid to the issues. Some time ago, Apple released the official statement mentioning a new software update for the treatment of bugs as soon as possible. The whole result is very satisfactory as Apple turned up with the solution without keeping the matter suspended for weeks or months. Experts are considering the new update crucial from the users’ point of view because a few functions encountered a trouble and due to this users are not able to utilize many app extensions smoothly.

Size and Other Features of the Update

The latest 10.0.2 is very light on your phone as well as on your monthly data pack and it allows you easily upgrade to 0.2. It weighs only 33MB, a very light-weight update. This shows its Apple’s concern for its valued customers. With this update, the company is expecting that the upgraded version will automatically eliminate bugs and other issues. If you are using iOS10, you can easily upgrade. Now, listen to songs using earpod with a lot of control on your device. Once you upgrade, the songs will be played with a lot of ease.

A Big Step by Apple

As considered, this is one of the major updates on iOS featuring a new lock screen as well as having the maps updated. Apart from these, there are an array of features including Siri SDK for developers and you will be able to access this through this update. Refurbished messages app are now highly supportive. Apple music is also giving an attractive feel.

What Is Next Now?

Considering the pace Apple has got in updating iOS 10, there would not be any surprise if they push out back-to-back updates with having 10.0.3 lined up as the most upcoming one. As we all know that iOS 10.1 brought a fresh Portrait mode to the iPhone 7 Plus which used the phone’s dual camera to brilliantly blur its background. With this impact, portraits pop and simulates the effect you receive from a premium SLR camera. Similarly, 10.0.2 will also carry on the the same action or might go one step ahead for delivering excellence.


With this latest update, a number of things have got their perfect treatment. Empowered by 0.2, your devices will now be more responsive with an improved interface providing users the exalted experience. To run this update (in case you have not got the notification), you simply have to tap to ‘Settings’ then ‘Software Update’. You will see it as ‘new update’ in the box if you are using iOS10. The all new update looks reliable as iCloud Photo Library parts and a number of features are also functioning perfectly. Thanks Apple for pushing out the long-awaited update.

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