What Are What Are Managed IT Services?

What Are Managed IT Services
What Are Managed IT Services

If there is one thing to be expected as civilization keeps advancing and as many inventions are made, it is that the systems and modes of activities will have to evolve and IT Services upgrade to meet up to the new challenges and expectations.

As the clichéd saying goes, civilizations come and go Kingdoms rise and fall. Well, it is safe to now add that “systems come and systems go” so there has to be constant evolution or extinction will be certain.

The advent of the internet has further hastened the pace at which these changes take place. This is because, it has made information more accessible to all, with the latest information about anything literally a click away.

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The reality of our time is that there’s literally something new being invented, innovated or discovered on a daily basis. These are then harnessed by the numerous multi-national industries around. With the heightened information and data pool being gathered daily comes the need to devote time and energy to sort through them, taking note of the relevant data/information and discarding the irrelevant.

This has led to the emergence of certain areas or sectors that require particular skill sets that were previously unrequired and even unknown. Companies are now having to deal with the fact that they would have to deal with certain challenges that they previously will not have had to deal with.

As with most things in life, people, business organizations and the various other organizations are adapting and adopting new ways of taking care of this challenges which in some cases results in the creation of an entirely new industry. A good example is an industry now known as managed IT services.

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

This refers to businesses that specialize in a given job or area of expertise and provides these services to other businesses that lack such expertise in-house. Thus, in this system, the burden of handling certain duties that require specialized skill sets are now outsourced to companies or service providers who major in those duties.

This business model has become a necessity in the world today because a lot of sectors intertwine in the quest to provide efficient services to customers. Thus, an organization might not have the expertise to tackle or even envisage the challenges that might ensue from the different duties expected of them while staying on course with their primary duties.

Again, it might just be very costly and administratively inefficient to employ staffers who will specialize in those sorts of duties. Take note that the duties here are very varied areas of specialization and expertise ranging from financial services to security and health etc.

For these reasons, these third-party organizations, that specialize in certain areas of duties are engaged to handle those areas that they specialize in for the organization that engaged them. It is also important to note that this engagement of third parties is not a dereliction of duty by the parent organization but rather a strategy that enhances service efficiency.

Managed IT Services

IT services
IT services

This is one aspect of delegated operations with the particular service being delegated in this particular subcategory being information technology or IT services for short. You can read more about it here.

While being one of the subcategories of the MSP, it is, however, the most popular of them all and this is thanks to living in an internet and information age. With the ever-increasing effect and control that the internet has and is acquiring over every sphere of human activity, their influence is only going to continue to increase.

What Are Their Benefits?

Obviously, systems don’t last or even become a thing in the first place if there are no benefits to be gained from it. With businesses, management and administration, there really is no room to tolerate inefficiency of any kind.

The following are some of the benefits that this system offers:

  1. High Investment Return: This is primarily because of the efficiency and expertise to be expected from their services. They are able to provide a wider pool of experts to attend to your tasks than your average in-house effort can ever render to you
  2. It Is Effective: This point cannot be overemphasized. The efficiency being referred to here is the efficiency of administration. This is because, it saves you the stress, time and cost of training some of your employees to be able to do the job, leaving your organization and staff to concentrate on the major aspects of your organization’s objectives.
  3. Increased Productivity: There is a huge difference between an organization particularly focused on a particular set of tasks with one that has other administrative issues to contend with. The key reason for this is the focus! The normal office routines will not allow your regular in-house staff to function at the rate a managed IT provider would.
  4. For Improved Security: Another advantage to their services is the advantage of improved cybersecurity. This is because, information technology management organizations, have access to the latest and most sophisticated cybersecurity systems and applications, limiting any chances of cybercrimes being committed against you.
  5. Switching To Cloud Services: With cloud-based services being the “in thing” along with its numerous advantages, it is generally advisable that organizations move into cloud-based platforms. Here also, they are able to help you and your organization take the step. You can learn more about cloud-based services.
  6. Keeps You Competitive: It saves you cost while giving you updated information on the latest methods of operation. This helps you to focus and plan to meet your target market, all at an affordable rate and while still getting the best service available. This ensures you continue to be viable and competitive.
  7. Better Management of Time and Data: Generally, there are certain activities that come with computer or internet-related activities e.g. the need to update some programs or data. While an in house staff might be able to do this, it will be done at the cost of valuable time and possible errors that may sometimes be made resulting in the loss of data. But with managed IT services, these things can be avoided.

Knowing What to Look For

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

It is important that an organization is able to take an inward look at the processes in that organization, make a proper assessment of what is needed and what to do to fix or enhance productivity. However, when you decide to outsource to an MSP, it is equally important to know the organization you are outsourcing to.

This is because there are many institutions out there jostling for your attention but may not suit your particular needs. Some might not even be competent enough to handle some particular set of tasks or duties while some may not be all they claim to be.

It is there important to follow that age-old saying of looking before you leap. Below are some things to consider before choosing a service provider.

  1. Run A Background Check: This is a very important thing to do as it gives you an understanding of what the organization is all about. You get to find out their guiding principles, their expertise, the kind of contracts or duties that they have carried out before, their business experiences and their ability or capacity to handle certain kinds of projects etc.
  2. Try to Know Their Internal Processes: This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go undercover on them. Rather, it is just about knowing their internal structure and whether it meets approved standards. As a matter of fact, an organization that cannot show you their process and structure might not be worth your time.
  3. Try to Get a Full Metric Report: This is crucial for you in that it gives you a broader view of what your engagement with them is going to be. Again, if you are to engage them, it gives you an idea of the return on investment that you are likely to get from the arrangement.

Currently, there are a wide variety of institutions like the Ntiva – managed IT services that offer a wide spectrum of IT services. Companies such as these can offer quality services because of their in-depth experience in the handling of information technology-related activities.


For organizations, especially business organizations to stay competitive in the market, they would need to be consistently efficient with the services they render. Given the ever-evolving world we now live in, one has to stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant.

Managed Service Providers generally and particularly managed IT services, are the way to go for optimum and efficient service provision.

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