What are the Best Social Media Sites for Business in 2019?

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Social media has become the ultimate platform for almost all business enthusiasts to engage their target audience and help them introduce with their new products and services.

To attract the maximum audience, you need to have a grip on social media marketing. Knowing which the best social media sites for business are, is a key to applying your skills rightfully in social media marketing.

In this article, we have sorted out one of the best social media sites for business in 2019 that will help you in achieving certain business goals you aimed for.

1.       Facebook

Facebook has been the most popular social media site for business for several years. The reason is simple: it’s easy, engaging, and covers multiple features. The site provides a perfect opportunity for businesses to select from a variety of options such as professional pages, paid post promotion, and native advertising to grow their business.

2.      YouTube

YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google. You can create ads for the streaming videos to attract the audience, or you can make a channel where you can gain subscribers that will help you further monetize your work. You can also opt for YouTube SEO to maximize the growth benefits.

3.      Instagram

Instagram is a perfect option for those who believe they can get the audience through the visuals of the product as the site allow you to share a wide variety of content, including stories, photos, videos, and especially live videos. Now with the addition of IGTV, you can also make longer videos of your product or service that will help you communicate more effectively with your audience. The social media site also offers paid advertising opportunities.

4.      Twitter

Twitter has always been one of the best social media sites for business that is aimed at breaking news and putting up sales. Moreover, the fact that you can interact directly with any popular personality through this site makes it even more fun and exciting.

5.      LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media hub for professionals. You can build up your CV, make new connections with companies, and promote your business among a directed audience of professionals. It is especially well- suited for B2B oriented and small businesses.

6.      Snapchat

Snapchat is extremely popular among the new generation, which is a big reason why you should consider Snapchat if you want to target a young audience. The site provides a great opportunity for small and big businesses to expand their reach.

7.      Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media network. With the help of Pinterest, you can add images and videos of your product to public boards and build up an interactive relationship with your audience.

8.     Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging social networking platform that offers features such as sharing of text, audios, links, photos, videos, and more. Many blogs use Tumblr to expand their social reach as it provides ease of use and set up.

These are some of the best social media sites for business trending this year. With some research, you can help your business flourish using these platforms.

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