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What Every Mac User Should Know About Google Drive

Are you a Mac user? Perhaps you’ve just invested in the new MacBook Pro 16 inch with Magic Keyboard.

They can be great but you might be wondering about a set up to ensure that your files always stay protected. Apple computers come preinstalled with the iCloud but are this the file storage system for you?

If you are a Mac user you would do well to weigh up your options including Google Drive. Here’s everything you need to know going forward.

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What Every Mac User Should Know About Google Drive

1. Embrace the Cloud

Be sure to embrace cloud computing and cloud file storage. This way you can ensure that you never lose any of your work. It’s also crucial for freeing up space on your computer for you to do other work.

Most companies work with the cloud and this is how most file sharing is done. It means you don’t have to send endless files by email or on a memory stick to each other that could easily be lost.

Cloud computing can – in certain circumstances – also allow you to load entire programs from the internet. You can also buy the amount of storage that you need rather than over or under purchasing memory sticks or hard drives.

iPad and iPhone

Apple is all about its ecosystem and allowing ease of action between its systems and a cloud drive – whether it’s iCloud or Google Drive – allows you to fully take advantage of these features.

By downloading the cloud folder onto your iPad or iPhone you can easily open up files on a new device very easily. If you need to catch a bus or you want to head out to a coffee shop and don’t want to take your Mac with you, this is an ingenious solution rather than having to e-mail the files to yourself.

Being able to work on a document on your iPad also gives you the ability to work with the Apple Pencil and Apple’s latest iPadOS feature: Scribble which can enhance your experience of working collaboratively on documents.

2. A Better Alternative to iCloud

Google Drive is an alternative to Apple’s iCloud. While you might think that Apple’s services are the easiest to use because they are already installed, don’t be lazy.

Investigate all of your options before you automatically decide to go with Apple’s system. It doesn’t take much effort to download the program you want from the App Store and set it up.

Follow your instigates and look at all the features. Think about storage as well and which ones offer the best value for money.

Google Drive offers most of the same features as iCloud but the premium version – G-Suite – can also get you a free, personalized email address that doesn’t end in @gmail

3. Integrates to Google Docs

Google Drive also integrates very well with Google Docs, a set of cloud-based software similar to Microsoft Word or Pages but free.

The best thing about Google Docs is integrational editing. Instead of having to send documents back and forth from each other the whole time you can edit the document together in real-time.

As you edit you can see each other’s cursor and see the changes they are making You can also easily leave comments for each other. You can also save your files in a jointly accessed and managed Google Drive file. This makes it easy for you to collaborate with.

Because of these collaboration tools which only work through Google Drive, Google Docs can provide a much better alternative to the traditional word processing software which hasn’t yet caught up with these features.

4. Set up an on-Desktop Folder

One feature that is great about the iCloud is that you don’t have to go to a web browser, open the Cloud, and insert folders and files within it. Instead, from the moment you open your laptop, the iCloud file is waiting for you in your files program.

Did you know that you can set up the same experience with Google Drive? When you download Google Drive you can set up the shared folder either in your file menu or you can place a shortcut on your desktop for ease of access.

5. Double the Storage With iCloud and Google Drive Combined

It’s easy to think that using Google Drive and iCloud is an either-or. Either you use one service or the other. But you can use both together and get double the storage for free.

By installing Google Drive – a google drive download – and iCloud in your file program or on your desktop you can easily copy and paste files from one folder to the other when your storage gets full.

Another option you have is to make copies of all of your documents so that you have two backups should you be locked out of one of your cloud drives.

Google Drive: A Mac Users’ Dream

Google drive is a Mac users’ dream because it gives the user double the cloud storage space when combined with the preinstalled iCloud. It also gives Mac users the ability to collaborate easily with others using the integration with Google Docs and live editing tools.

You can easily set up desktop folders to make it easier to access what you need and collaborate with other people.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of Google over Mac or what every Mac user needs be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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