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What is Google Tango and Daydream? – All you Need to Know

Google has always been an innovative company, and with billions of Android smartphone in the market, that company has lots of goal and expectation. And to fulfill that requirement, Google is constantly on the verge of innovation, the most recent examples are the Daydream and Google Tango, which was recently launched in India.

What is Google Tango?

Google Tango is still in its earliest days. Tango will allow people to interact with their environment in a fundamentally different way. A lot of people are already familiar with the augmented reality feature on their smartphones, but there is a new advance AR too. It has the potential to drastically change the way we interact with the world.

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Google and Lenovo have taken this advanced 3-D technology to new heights. It allows the world to see, map and remember the things around you. 3-D sensing technology turns basic games and apps into immersive experience right on your smartphone. Google Tango claims to provide an all new level of depth in augmented reality experiences.

Google Tango needs works with the sensors and cameras of your device. It needs sensor that are capable of motion tracking and understanding its orientation in physical space. It also features multiple cameras that allow tango to recognize the world around the device. There is a depth sensing camera that detects nearby objects in real time so that virtual objects can interact with them. You can interact with the world around you in all new ways, utilizing the virtual world created by tango.

Soon, Asus Zenfone AR is also going to launch in India which is world’s first phone with 8GB Ram launched early this year globally. It is also the world first device which can handle Google project tango with another level of accuracy because of accurate new laser technology. Rest, we will keep you guys updated once any new update will be received regarding Zenfone AR.

What is Google Daydream?


Get ready to experience incredible adventures in virtual reality with the help of daydream. Daydream is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google. Google daydream is built into the Android operating system starting with the release of Android 7.1 nougat. Daydream will work on certain phones only. Daydream ready phones are built for VR with high-resolution displays, ultra-smooth graphics, and high fidelity sensors.

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Google’s VR platform introduces a specific controller. Google has been enhancing AR/VR technologies with its latest Android operating system. Daydream view is a comfortable, easy-to-use headset and controller designed with choice in mind. Daydream helps in exploring platform dedicated to bringing great VR experiences to mobile devices.

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