What is Tor Browser? Is it Safe to use it as my Default browser?

What is Tor Browser

You’ll be amazed to know that only 4% of the web is accessible to us and the remaining is the part of the deep web. For all of you who do not know about deep web or dark web, it is the part of the internet that isn’t accessible to us. It is kept inaccessible because of many reasons such as secrecy, many sites promoting illegal activities. But there are a few ways in which you can access the dark web. Using TOR Browser is one of them. In this article, we’ll discuss TOR Browser, its usage and much more.


First of all, TOR stands for The Onion Router, hence the logo. It was designed as a worldwide network of server developed by the US Navy to help people browse the internet with anonymity. But now it has developed into a web browser which helps you to protect your privacy while surfing online.

How does it work?

The most important reason one should use TOR is that it hides one’s identity. It basically spreads your internet traffic through various servers and encrypting the traffic so that it can not be traced back to you. Going with the name, it provides you with different layers like an onion to prevent you from the outside world. You can download TOR from here . It does not need any sort of configuration or setup. Since your data goes through a network of servers, your internet surfing might be a bit slow, so keep patience.

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Advantages of TOR

  • TOR is the perfect browser if you’re a concern for privacy, meaning you can publicly say some vital information without being traced back.
  • You can prevent yourself from all those unwanted ads that invade your privacy.

Disadvantages of TOR

  • There are multiple sites which involve illegal activities like trafficking of weapons, child pronography, narcotics drugs selling and much more, which you surely don’t want to get into.


If you want to surf the internet just like your normal surfing, TOR is actually good for you. But as we say, curiosity kills the cat, with TOR you might access something irrelevant and may get involved in some unwanted activities. So be careful with what you’re searching. Otherwise, it’s a decent browser which primarily concerns for your privacy. With it you can acess the other side of 80% internet, and if you’re using a VPN then it’s impossible to even track you. If you’re already a TOR user, do let us know how you like it. If not a user, then try it out sometime. Don’t forget to share, comment and subscribe. Keep Surfing!

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