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WhatsApp latest update is draining battery on Android phones


The recent update of the WhatsApp was about the support for fingerprint lock on Android phones. As per this feature, all the users with Android phones featuring a traditional capacitive fingerprint sensor or a modern in-display fingerprint sensor can use it lock their WhatsApp even if anyone else has the access to your smartphone. However, the major setback of this update is the massive battery drain on popular android phones like OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi. This issue was reported by many users and it needs an immediate fix.

As per the data available, the users are reporting an average idle drain of 33-40 percent. This percentage is the same for both the latest version of Androids i.e. Android 9 and Android 10 build on all OnePlus smartphones. The same issue was reported by Samsung users. The people with Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 1o series have also reported an increase in battery drain because of the latest update of the WhatsApp. In the same manner, Google Pixel users, as well as Xiaomi users have also reported the same. The major thing noted was that the version of Whatsapp used by all these users in 2.19.308. As for now, the WhatsApp has not yet rolled out a fix for this now but users should expect a solution to this problem very soon.

As per the quick fix is considered, in order to save your battery from draining it will be better that you should try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the Play Store. Many users have suggested that this solution has made things better. Another option is to use the beta version of the application but you should keep in mind that the beta version has more bugs than a stable version. However, if the problem still exists, you could also choose to enable battery saver modes. This will restrict background activity and hence you won’t be notified of the new WhatsApp message.

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