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WhatsApp Starts Allowing Sharing of all types Files on Android & iPhone

WhatsApp, now a Facebook-owned company originally acts as a messaging service, which is also used to transfer or share images, videos, Word Documents and PDF files are now going through a major feature update.

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The update is for those files which are not supported by WhatsApp. Previously, users choose to take a long path by uploading them to the cloud and then sharing the link for downloading purposes. It is said to be reportedly allowing sharing of all the file types on Android, iOS and Windows Phone application thus removing the need of using third party applications to get an unsupported file from one device to another.

WhatsApp Starts Allowing Sharing of all types Files
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The company is said to be rolling out this update for a few customers as it is being done in a phased manner and is still under testing. This new feature will allow the user to share videos in a variety of formats, Mp3 songs and various APK files. The file sharing limit is said to be at 64MB for Web/Desktop, 100MB for Android and 128MB on iOS. Users in India, Japan, Kuwait and Sri Lanka reported on this update while the others have not experienced it yet because WhatsApp is currently experimenting this feature.

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By allowing sharing of all the file types over Android, iOS and Windows we can natively share all types of archive and media files without being compressed. This means that WhatsApp will allow transfer of media and videos without compromising with its resolution. It is going to be slow at the moment because of beta testing phase. So if you’re one of the beta testers then you will be able to share all the file types even on Web/Desktop.

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