Why Do You Need Application Modernization?

Why Do You Need Application Modernization? 1
Application Modernization

Businesses usually fall into one of two categories. The first one is active, where you actively trade time and resources to create a product or a service. The second category is focused on passive income. In this scenario, you invest a lot of time and resources to create a system that will keep making you revenue even when you’re sleeping. This can only be done by Application Modernization.

Most people would want to create a business that falls into the latter category. This includes creating an online store, an application, or a website with a lot of articles and clickable ads, and affiliate marketing. Your company had a leap of faith and invested in developing and launching an app.

As soon as it gets to the Play Store or the Appstore, you might think to yourself that it’s time to sit back and enjoy the profits that are going to start rolling into your bank account. That’s not the case. When it hits the market, that’s the moment when you should invest even more time and money into keeping it up to date.

Your app is only as good as the last update, and you need to make new ones on a regular basis to keep it relevant. It’s a never-ending cycle that focuses on keeping engagement high and usability on a pristine level. 

How many times should you issue out updates?

Application Modernization

When dealing with updates, it’s not wise to look up to companies like Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger. They are conglomerates and monopolies in their industry. This means that they can get away with more than three updates in a month.

If you’re just entering the market, this is only going to make your users angry and dissatisfied. Plus, making updates is costly, and if you want to issue out new versions each week, that’s going to be a waste of effort, money, and time. Follow this link for more info.

The most important metric you should pay attention to is customer feedback. If people are writing reviews that something is not working, then you should be working on fixing the problem. Another metric to look at is data.

If people are suddenly stopping to use the app, it means that something is broken. The cost of making tweaks usually falls into 30 percent of the initial budget. Here are some of the reasons why you need to modernize the process. 

Keep the audience happy

During development, you might think that your software testers will find all of the bugs. That’s never the case. Even a team of all of the QA testers in the world can’t anticipate what’s going to crash when an app enters the market.

Again, look at the updates that top companies are issuing out. Most of the time, there are crashes, and most of the tools and features don’t work as they’re supposed to. The userbase is so used to these kinds of problems that they’re frequently making memes to make fun of new updates. That might not be the case for you.

At the start, you need to focus on getting feedback and knowing what features are liked and which ones are disliked. Always look for criticism because everything can be improved, especially virtual products. If you listen to the people, they will reward you with more engagement and loyalty. Having loyal customers is something that will do wonders for your analytics, especially if your software is being developed in stages. 

Keep bugs under control

Every app has flaws. It doesn’t matter how much you test it; there will be a few problems that remain and go through the debugging methods. Your users are mostly worried about how quickly you can resolve the issues that they found but fortunately, there are application modernization services that can help you.

If you reply to their feedback and start working on the issues, they will be more than happy to wait for you to resolve them. If you know that an application is full of bugs, and you don’t do anything about it, there’s a high chance that they’ll uninstall the app. 

Subtle UX changes 

Most app modernizations aren’t even noticeable for the users. This includes processes like faster load times, fixing issues with image displays, making one button a few pixels bigger, adding a bit of padding and margins, and similar tweaks.

These changes are super subtle, and the people who have auto-updates turned on will have a smoother experience without even knowing what happened in the background. If something works, don’t change it. No one likes drastic changes. Things like switching the main themes and colors are a big minus when it comes to how users perceive your brand. 

Keep being relevant

Because the average attention span is dropping, you need to find ways to improve marketing. Updates are one method because you get to see which applications got improved. The more space you have in customers’ minds, the better results you’re going to have. 

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