Why Is a Tidy Inbox so Important?

Why Is a Tidy Inbox so Important

If you have been using the same old email address for what seems like an eternity, or you have signed up for a few too many email alerts, you will have probably felt the frustration of an overly cluttered inbox.

Between work emails, marketing messages and straight-up spam, there is a huge amount of digital communications to sift through.

If you feel as though the time has finally arrived for you to get back on top of your inbox and commit to a little virtual spring cleaning, here are some handy pointers you may want to think about.


Wading through emails just to find the one you desperately need to reply to is a great way to waste time.

Think of all the time you could get back during the working day if you could press one button to send your email, rather than have to go on a digital hunt every single time.

Tidying up your inbox is a superb way to not only maximize your time – it can boost your efficiency in the process.

There are some great ways to start raising your online efficiency, and you may want to start by learning how to create a mailing list in Gmail.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes, waking up to an inbox full to the brim of over 10,000-plus emails can be a dismal sight to behold.

This is likely not a great way to start your day, and you may end up with a bad case of inbox anxiety.

If you come to resent the sight of your inbox, work could feel a lot harder than it needs to. Giving it a cleanup might be the best way to give yourself some peace of mind in this area.

Meeting Deadlines

Working with deadlines can be stressful enough as it is, but when your email infrastructure is not optimized to support workflow, it can be so much harder.

You might end up with a nasty surprise if you fail to keep on top of your incoming emails. For example, discovering an important email deadline lurking in your inbox at the last moment can be devastating.

A clean and clear inbox can help you prioritize your most urgent emails and ensure that nothing passes you by.

No More Playing Catchup

Your spare time should be used on you and you only, not for work or worse, checking work emails.

If you ever find yourself saying, ‘I’ll catch up on my emails over the weekend,’ you may be in need of a digital decluttering.

Decluttering is good for the mind, even in the virtual sense, and it could be the key to getting back some of that free time you deserve.

According to Psychology Today, decluttering can even be a way to get yourself well and truly energized!

You Can Start Today

It might seem like your inbox is a complete write-off, but rest assured, there is still hope, so why not start decluttering today and free up some space?

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