Why Should You Hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

Why Should You Hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant

If you’re a business owner running a successful online business and have yet to hire a customer service professional, you’re probably spending much of your time tackling all kinds of customer service issues. 

When you receive 50 or more orders per day, the chance is you’re getting double the inquiries as well, correct? These inquiries may come as feedback on a variety of issues, concerns about orders, or questions about products. 

When you’re spending most of your time managing your customer service ins and outs, you’re not able to give your best into growing your eCommerce or enjoying the lifestyle you hoped for. If this sounds like you, hiring a customer service virtual assistant may be your ticket to happiness, freedom, and growth in your business. 

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant 

Any savvy business owner knows that customer service is the key to business success. You must keep your customers content because in order to come back for more. 

Happy customer also refers to other audiences who will then continue to call for your services and refer you. Your reach, however, continues to grow and expand as long as your customers are satisfied.

But keeping them happy takes time, and business owners often run out of that precious resource. Once your business reaches new heights, you cannot do it all alone anymore. Rather than letting customer support fall by the wayside, the best thing you can do is to hire a PA service to take on the responsibility. 

By hiring a personal assistant or customer service virtual assistant, you’re doing both you and your customers an enormous favour. 

What Do Customer Support Virtual Assistants Do? 

Customer support virtual assistants deal with client communications on different channels such as email, phone, and social media. A virtual assistant handling your customer support will ensure that all customer queries or complaints are dealt with without delays. 

  • Making Outbound Calls

Customer support VAs will help you with making outbound calls to customers to promote and encourage customers to buy your services and products. This will help convert prospects into customers. The process of making outbound calls is often time-consuming, and that’s where customer support VAs come in to make your business more manageable and your life easier. 

  • Email Support 

VAs will handle the email support, the part where emails are used to resolve customer complaints relating to your service or product. Most people prefer using email to address any mishaps they might have because there is no need for both to be online to maintain or initiate the conversation. Customers are able to send emails at their convenience, and the company can respond as fast as it can. As your organization grows, you will get avalanches of emails from customers. A virtual assistant in customer support will help you tackle customer emails promptly, which will skyrocket customer satisfaction and the overall rating of your business. 

  • Connecting with prospects and customers on socials 

People constantly want to contact brands on socials like Facebook and Instagram, and they often expect timely responses. For a business owner, that’s very time-consuming. 

If you delegate this task to a customer support virtual assistant, you will never have to deal with this stress again. A personal assistant will answer direct comments and messages and respond to any concerns across all social media platforms. Responsive engagement on social media retains customers and also helps convert leads to customers. 

  • Receptionist Services  

Who doesn’t face roadblocks when trying to make the first purchase somewhere? This can easily make new customers cancel or drop off their purchases if they do not get help from someone from the business. A virtual assistant will take this task off your plate. A customer support VA will guide customers through the process reasonably while answering any questions that may come up. 

Offering on-time guidance to customers creates a favourable appraisal for the brand and ensures post-purchase loyalty. 

  • Handling Customer Requests for Discounts or Refunds 

It’s tedious and often exhausting to deal with numerous clients asking for reimbursements or discounts for already brought services or products as you have to find out whether the refund makes sense or not. A virtual assistant will help engage with such customers by questioning them to better understand the customer wants and needs or maybe providing alternatives. A virtual assistant handling your customer support can also help process discount requests and either decline or allow them where necessary. 

  • Collecting Feedback from the Audience 

Customer feedback is quite important as it will help you grow your business. 

However, having a large audience and so many possible ways to connect with their feedback makes it hard to know where to start. Having a customer support VA who will tackle customer support makes it easier. Receiving honest feedback from them helps you know what part of your customer experience you should improve. 

  • VAs Managing CRM 

Customer relationship management is a series of practices, technologies, and strategies that companies use to manage and analyze interactions with their prospects, leads, and customers. The main aim of CRM is to enhance customer service relationships, assist in customer retention, and push up sales. Customer relationship management systems require ongoing management, and customer support VAs are great at that. 

Before you go…

Hiring a virtual assistant to manage your customer support will give you an opportunity to create a modern, time-effective customer experience. This will ensure that your audience is tended to without setbacks which makes them remain satisfied which makes them come back for more. 

There are so many reasons why you should consider hiring a VA to help you run your business operations. In fact, the future of your eCommerce may depend on it. Get in touch with a qualified customer service VA today if you’re ready. 

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