Why you need a dual SIM phone ?


Dual SIM phones provide exciting opportunities for prospective buyers, but finding a dual SIM phone contract in the UK has always been surprisingly difficult. Despite great advancements in the technology offerings from dual SIM phones the few companies that stock dual SIM phones seem to only offer these phones to buy, not through contract schemes. However, serious offers are to be found on dual SIM phones on eBay and there are some serious reasons why to consider switching to a dual SIM phone.

  • Separate work and personal life

Using different SIM cards for business and personal use can help avoid embarrassing mishaps and handle any situation appropriately. It stops the hassle of having to carry around two phones and can merge all your needs into one phone, but with clearly defined aspects of use. This is particularly useful if you get reimbursed for business use of your phone as your bill will be separate. Having dual SIM cards enables your phone to place calls on hold rather than voicemail which can be extremely useful for people whose work means they must take business calls at any time.

  • Double the SIM, double the storage

Simple! Use your second SIM as a backup if you can’t find things to fill up your SIMs!

  • Getting the Best Deal

The SIM cards can have different networks and associated deals to maximize cost-effectiveness. One SIM card deal may be great for using internet data whilst the other might offer limitless chatting. By using two different deals with your two different SIMs, you can make the most out of what there is to offer.  If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, utilizing cheaper abroad rates with a travel SIM card as your second SIM can make traveling with your phone cheap and easy. Just phone within the country you are staying with your travel SIM card and your usual home SIM card that is in your phone will enable people from back home to be able to contact you for a low cost.

  • Maximise your coverage

If you like the possible benefits of two different providers as listed above, it is also of note that this will greater your chance of coverage. Wherever you are in the world, enjoy that phone call you need to make.

Falling prices of dual SIM phones means that now everyone can enjoy the unique benefits that one can bring. More storage, more coverage, opportunities for great deals and the chance to separate your work and home life through your phone make the prospect of a dual SIM phone enticing for everybody. Get ahead of the trend and buy yourself a dual SIM phone before prices rocket. Groupon is offering large discounts on these phones sold through eBay, visit: https://www.groupon.co.uk/discount-codes/shops/ebay.co.uk.

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