What Windows 10 Upgrade will make you miss from Windows 8 & Windows 7

windows 10 and its deleted features - techniblogic
windows 10 and its deleted features - techniblogic

Hey guys a special post for all the Windows platform lovers. As you all guys must know that there is release of WINDOWS 10 on July 26th 2015 and this date and day is coming closer. Everyone is exited as each and everyone having windows 8 or windows 8.1 will get the free update of windows 10 for 1 year even if the windows they are using is not genuine.

There are many new and additional features which will be coming in their new update of windows 10, but there are some of the old features from windows 7 and windows 8 which are being removed by the Microsoft designers and engineers, like:

  • There is a confirming news that you won’t be able to choose the timings and parts of the updates you want to install in Windows 10. Microsoft wants to be in-charge of this department and you may not like it.
  • If you are going to upgrade your PC to Windows 10, you won’t be able to use Windows Media Center anymore. Currently Windows Media Center is available in Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center.
  • Windows 10 won’t be having Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts Game that are pre-installed on Windows 7.
  • If you use floppy drive, it won’t be supported out of the box by Windows 10. You will have to download the latest drivers using the manufacturer’s website or Windows update.
  • To run DVDs, you will need a third-party software in Windows 10.
  • If your current PC has Windows Live Essentials installed, the OneDrive version will be removes and replaced with inbox version of OneDrive.
  • Windows 7 desktop gadgets won’t be a part of Windows 10.

Some of these changes might defiantly going to affect you, upgrading to Windows 10 isn’t a bad choice given the fact that it is available free of cost if upgraded within one year.

To the features that won’t be continued in Windows 10, there are many free and efficient alternatives available in the market from the third party source.

So guys what do you think about it, should they add the old features or permanently withdraw those services.

Comment below for your views regarding it.


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  1. most people only use a few of those and if you have pro you will get windows 10 pro with more things and a dvd player. which is easy anyway. they aren’t getting rid of the games they are just in the store for free and are much better and more of them. so they are putting less bloatware so you decide what you want. it is made for everyone, and just you and just for me. you make it and put on what you want and very customizable. you would be dumb not to upgrade to the best system and safest ever made!!!! I have been testing for long time.

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