5 Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

Best Notes App For Android Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

Sticky Notes has been a part of Windows OS for a long time, and many have been using it as a note-taking app. However, Microsoft barely paid attention to it until Windows 10 came and Microsoft then updated Windows 10 Sticky Notes with an option to sync it across devices using OneNote.

Using sticky notes you can create notes, type, ink or add a picture, add text formatting, stick them to the desktop, move them around there freely. You can set reminders and you can ever create your day-to-day “to-do lists”. In this article, we have listed the top Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives.

Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

1. Microsoft Sticky Notes

 - 5 Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

Microsoft Sticky Notes are a simple way to quickly save something for later. With these sticky notes, you create notes, type, ink or add a picture, add text formatting, etc. You can even stack them to the desktop, move them around there freely, close them to the Notes list, and sync them across devices and apps like OneNote Mobile, Microsoft Launcher for Android, and Outlook for Windows.

Microsoft sticky notes come with added intelligence and they can easily detect addresses, emails, and cell numbers so all you have to do is tap to open Maps, Mail, or Skype. These sticky notes are even equipped with Dark mode so that you can easily turn your notes dark and capture those nighttime thoughts.

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2. Simple Sticky Notes

 - 5 Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

Simple Sticky Notes for Windows 10 are simple, easy-to-use, absolutely free, fast and efficient note-taking software. It comes with incredible features, customizable notes, alarms, themes, etc. Moreover, you can change the appearance of the notes and fonts easily. The simple sticky notes even come with a store where you can easily download backgrounds for notes and sounds.

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3. Zhorn Software

 - 5 Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

Zhorn software is compatible with any number of computers for as long as you like. It is free software. Moreover, the stickies are freeware and you may download and use the program at home and the office without charge. Stickies will not mess with your system files, or write to the registry and they stores information in a single SQLite database file. Stickies can store text and images and they can have alarms set to ensure you notice them at a point you choose. Stickies by Zhorn software is completely free to use and they come with a bunch of features.

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4. Notebook

 - 5 Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

Notebook by Microsoft allows you to take notes, add files, create checklists, sketches, record audio, and capture moments. And, all your notes are instantly synced across your devices. The notebook is 100% free and ad-free. Write your notes without worrying. Start with the text, add images and sketches, checklists or audio, all in the same note. Moreover, you can add PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, and more with the dedicated file note card. You can even organize various notes into notebooks and you can even group your notes within a notebook.

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5. Notezilla 8

 - 5 Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives

You can try Notezilla 8 for FREE without any obligations for 30 days. It is a sticky notes app for windows. This application helps you create sticky notes on your Windows desktop and you can set reminders to these sticky notes. You can organize them in folders & also access them from any other device using Android, iPhone, iPad, or the web app.

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This sums up the list of the best 5 alternatives for sticky notes. You can go for any of the above-mentioned alternatives.  All of these sticker notes software offers something for everyone. Whether you want reminders, folders to store notes, cloud storage, or handwriting support, we got you covered. Just pick the one and test drive it.

If you have any suggestions for Best Windows 10 Sticky Notes Alternatives that we should add in this best Sticky Notes Windows app List, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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