How to Create a Winning Design for Your eCommerce Website That Actually Converts

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Having a beautiful website isn’t enough. The goal is to convince visitors to become customers—the conversion rate matters since it contributes to the business’s increasing profit. Having a winning design for your eCommerce website takes a lot, and it requires a thorough analysis of what people want to see.

Of course, it starts with having a responsive web design. When the website doesn’t evoke a response, it won’t be of any use. Anyone who sees it wouldn’t consider buying. To increase the conversion rate, these tips are useful.

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Winning Design for Your eCommerce Website

The calls to action have to be clear

The call to action dictates what people do next. After they browsed the items and services for sale, the button should indicate “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.” These are the common actions done to convert visits into sales.

If the information read isn’t sufficient yet, the next button might say “Read More” or “Click here for info.” After going through more detail, the visitor might decide to close the deal. The strategic location of the buttons also matters.  Every landing page needs to have one without necessarily overwhelming the page.

Create a sense of urgency

Another excellent way to increase the conversion rate is by creating a sense of urgency without lying. For instance, if the items for sale are of limited stocks, there should be a banner saying that the stocks will soon run out.

It convinces people to close the deal before someone else does it. Using the word “now” as part of the call to action phrase is also helpful. It indicates urgency and tells people that the best time to take the next step is now.

Eliminate the extra steps to purchase items

Making it difficult to buy the products is a big no. People are always in a hurry. They even decide to go for online stores because they don’t have to drive to a local store. Asking them to take several steps before buying a product will make them feel turned off.

They will close the site and look for another store where they can buy what they want. Eliminate the extra steps needed to buy items. A one-click solution for checking out items would help. Instead of telling potential buyers to add to the cart, they will immediately hit the purchase button and pay.

While doing it, there’s no need to leave the website. The option to save information should be available. For the next purchase, there’s no need to type all the personal and financial details again. It’s time-consuming, and it discourages buyers.

However, the safety of the site remains a priority. No one will save these details if they don’t get an assurance that it won’t leak.

Utilize the green-bar SSL

The green-bar SSL might not mean anything to some people, but it’s important. This bar indicates the reliability of the website. If there are transactions involving the use of online payment accounts and credit cards, some people might be hesitant to pursue them.

However, seeing the green-bar SSL is an indication that the page is safe against hackers. Any information saved on the page won’t get leaked to any other source. There’s a 42% increase in conversion for websites that utilized the green-bar SSL. Given the number of people attempting to steal money from online buyers, receiving an assurance would help a lot.

Provide as many payment options as possible

Winning Design for Your eCommerce Website

People want to use their most convenient payment method and not rely on a specific payment mode. If they don’t have the store’s payment mode, they might decide to look for other stores.

It’s a big loss. Imagine if two dozen potential buyers decided to leave the site because they didn’t have the right payment mode. Apart from security, some people don’t want to use credit cards because they don’t have one.

Credit card policies aren’t comfortable for many, and others want to resist the temptation of using it. Besides, it’s easy to consolidate all the payments even if there are several payment methods accepted.

Make vouchers and promotion codes visible to make it a responsive web design

Price is an important factor before people decide to buy an item online. If they think that the products are too expensive, they might decide against buying it. If they see vouchers or promo codes somewhere on the website, they might feel convinced to buy.

They know that the listed amount isn’t necessarily what they’re going to pay. Of course, getting the promotion shouldn’t be difficult, or it will turn them off.

Make the reviews easy to read

Before people decide to buy products, they will check the reviews first. It doesn’t mean that all reviews are trustworthy, but it helps some people to decide if they will pursue the transaction.

They will at least read details not coming from the business, but people who patronized the products and services before. Using the reviews badge and widget makes sense. They display the reviews on the website for everyone to read easily.

Another option is to place some reviews right below the products. Without leaving the page displaying the products, the potential buyers should read some of the reviews available.

Select the pictures well

Avoid using stock images since they don’t convince anyone to buy the products. Instead of getting free photos online, an excellent alternative is to take photos and use them. The key is to take beautiful photos and from the right angle.

These images are enticing. If real people are holding or using these products, it’s even better. They become relatable to potential buyers.

The product descriptions should be concise

The pictures should have descriptions since people won’t rely only on the images seen. They want to read some details about what they’re going to buy to determine if the price is reasonable.

Some people don’t have time to go through a long description. Therefore, a shorter version must be available. It’s part of the responsive web design strategy that can help convince more buyers.

Keep the layout simple

Look at how Apple presents information on its website. The company doesn’t use too many colors or exaggerated fonts. Everything looks clean and simple. Despite that, the pages offer a classy and professional feel.

Apple understands what their target audiences want, and the website is proof of it. Removing unnecessary content would be useful. Not everything that seems appropriate will help increase the conversion rate. Some of them will only crowd the site but have no impact at all.

It takes time for some people to feel convinced that they found the right website to buy the products and services. They have to keep browsing until they get what they want. Having a responsive web design will guarantee that they will eventually buy the products.

Evaluating the response of these visitors is also helpful to improve the website in the future. Besides, a website with fresh content and reliable information will rank higher on search engines.

Working with a company that provides web design services could be a solution to these issues. They know a lot about how web design works and what would be best for the business.

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