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All we see these days is developers and business owners raving about WordPress and how great of a tool it is for everyone to use. No matter you are a professional website developer or a regular consumer who wishes to have their own website for free, WordPress is the first option that hits everyone.

Originally launched in 2003, there has not been much long since WordPress has been around even then it has become the top, most popular content management system (CMS) in the world with more than 74 million active websites posting daily. If you are a business owner looking forward to having a website or someone who is still not using WordPress, God knows why, check out these reasons why WordPress is the best and why you should start using it ASAP!

SEO Friendly

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The very first concern for any developer and website owner is to make the website as SEO friendly as possible. Algorithms change quite often and it has become extremely hard, not impossible, for SEO specialists to keep up with these changes and deliver results. In order for your website to be ranked by Google it should meet a certain number of predefined parameters that render it SEO friendly. The more parameters a website fulfils the more SEO friendly it is in Google’s eyes and the better are its chances of getting ranked higher. WordPress handles all the SEO responsibilities that a content management system (CMS) should fulfil and even offers a number of different plugins to improve your website’s SEO ranking.

Extremely Easy To Use

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WordPress at first appears quite intimidating to an untrained eye especially with most of its features available on the dashboard. However it is probably the easiest to setup, manage and update even for someone who is not an internet savvy and does not know coding at all. All you need is a computer system and an internet connection to get your website up and running. How cheaper could it get? Begin with a free plan that allows you to customize your website to a great extent and if you want you can always shift to a paid domain and enjoy your own .com website. If you have work load you can also outsource WordPress management.

Amazing For Both Blogs and Websites

It all began for blogs really in 2003. WordPress was the go-to CMS for bloggers for it’s easy to use features, amazing layout, extreme user-friendliness, availability of thousands of professional themes and the overall clean and professional look it gave to their blogs. However, it has become equally amazing and useful for websites as well. Over the years it has evolved into a content management system with complete features necessary to build and manage a website rendering it the go-to option for every type of business and developer. You can always run a blog alone over it if that is what you desire. The options are always open with WordPress.

Mobile-Ready Themes

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We all know how much hiring a professional website developer could cost and be a burden on your budget especially if yours is a small scale business. WordPress leverages that burden off with its thousands of professional designed and built themes ready to use for free! WordPress allows you to have a professional looking website without spending a fortune on a specialized developer. Moreover, it saves you the pain of ensuring whether the website you design will be mobile-friendly or not. If you have built it over WordPress, it sure will be.

Unlike other CMSs, WordPress provides you complete control over your website whether it is a personal or a professional one and that is the ultimate reason for anyone to choose WordPress over any other option.

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