X-Connect Magnetic Cable: One Cable for All your Phones

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Structured Network Cabling

It happens often that a person with an iPhone cannot use USB cable of any Android user and the same happens with the person who uses Android phones. In order to remove this sort of difference, a device named ASAP X- CONNECT is launched in the market. It is the world’s first cross-compatible magnetic USB Cable i.e 1 cable for all your phones, be it any Android or iPhone, tablets and other USB devices. The main motive to design this cable was to improve your relationship with your mobile phone.

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How do asap x-connect works?

X- CONNECT has a reversible type A (the side that inserts into your wall charger, laptop or power bank). This means automatic connection every time, no more fiddling around to connect your cables. They have used magnets in order to connect to the port of the device which you are using.


  • X-CONNECT cables are made of grade neodymium magnets, which are the world’s strongest magnets.
  • These magnets have no impact on your GPS.
  • Though the magnets have been used are the strongest but the size is small, so they do not affect the phone functions.
  • X-CONNECT has been designed in such a way that it contains 3 connectors to fit all 3 types of main connectors with today’s Smartphones, tablets and USB devices.
  • These cables have a reversible magnetic connection i.e instant connection every single time.
  • These magnetic cables will protect your phone port from dust and dirt entering.
  • It has an alpha tip for Apple devices and micro USB tip for Android

Why should you be interested in this device?

One Cable for All your PhonesPeople must go for these cables because these cables are capable of extending the life of your phone port from the normal wear, and tear of cables being inserted and pulled out on a daily basis by just leaving the tip of the cable in the port of the phone. There are various colour options: gold, silver and gunmetal. So, you can buy any colour according to your choice. In addition, in a family where there are people who use both iPhone, Android and iPad should have something in common that could connect their device and that common thing can be x-connect USB cables.


The device is a successfully funded project at Indegogo.com. in case if you want to pre-order, it is available at the retail price of 22$.

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