Xiaomi Mi Alarm Clock Speaker – Best XIAOMI GADGET for LAZY People 😴

Xiaomi Mi Alarm Clock Speaker

Nowadays, more and more people use their smartphones for their morning wakeup call. But alarm clocks are not yet out of the game. Xiaomi has recently launched a Bluetooth 4.1 Round Music Alarm Clock which gives all the features that you want from an alarm clock. This device is another gadget in Xiaomi’s wide range of products.

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Xiaomi’s Bluetooth Music Alarm Clock is reliable and versatile that lets you customize your wake-up experience without letting you down. It is famous for small horn, big speaker, which has four types of acoustic renown technology, a helper for waking up, sleeping at night, also supports Bluetooth 4.1 and longtime standby.

The alarm clock will be a good helper for waking you up in the morning by soothing music and also aid sleeping at night. Supporting Bluetooth 4.1, its working distance is up to 10m. This device is compatible with kinds of mobile phones, tablet pc, smart TV, notebook and other audio devices.

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To create more stereo and louder voice, the device adopts 4 types of acoustic renown technologies which are dynamic loudness control, virtual dual sound effect, dynamic range control and a low distortion control circuit. The Xiaomi’s alarm clock has a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery that takes 2 hours to full charge. It supports about 8 hours of music playing and a long standby up to 360 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Alarm Clock Speaker

Design wise, the white colour of this alarm clock gives it a nice appearance. It has a conical cylinder shape with a micro elevation to make the sound more concentrated. It is easy to operate as you can adjust the alarm time and volume only by one rotating button. With a small horn and a 5-watt big speaker, the device gives bass, vibration reducing and noise cancelling feature. The LED lights behind the screen of the alarm clock light up to display the current time. Overall the mini size and light weight of the device makes it convenient to carry.

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You can buy this amazing Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.1 Round Music Alarm Clock on www.gearbest.com at an affordable price tag of $70.77.

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  1. I need something that can make me get up fresh and active. Otherwise i feel zombie each morning lol.
    This device might help me in getting up as i am really lazy person.

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