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Hey guys, a few months back Xiaomi has released its New Android Skin which is MIUI 7. The Features which they just told us sounds too cool, but we cannot test it perfectly as the Software was on Beta stage. But a few week back Xiaomi has officially Released its new MIUI 7 version with stable Platform.So, here are the MIUI 7 top features that makes MIUI better then other

Top MIUI 7 Features 

1. Optimized Battery Life

MIUI 7 Battery Life - techniblogic

Battery life is one of the most important concern for any of the smartphone owner, as because of so many applications and features battery drain is so fast that it is so difficult to sustain even a whole day with single charge. Different Apps draw about 48% of power from the battery even when the device is on standby. So, when accessing features such as GPS, data networks, MIUI 7 optimizes different apps in such a way that it reduces battery consumption by about 25% which according to usage will increase about 3 hours of extra battery life each day.

2. Performance Optimisation

MIUI 7 Performance - Techniblogic

Xiaomi claims that MIUI 7 brings about a 30% of increase in speed of the device. It does so by optimizing the system response time in such a way that it loads both app data as well as app animations simultaneously, may be by using the Cache just like the web browsers works.

3. Interactive Visual Response


If you are frustrated, irritated by annoying voice prompts calls that you get when you call a helpline or any automated answer service, then this feature is going to be your life saver the best feature of MIUI 7. Interactive Visual Response (IVR) allows you to quickly bypass those annoying voice prompts and instead offers you visual response lists. This is available for over 50  Indian partners such as CitiBank, Tata Sky, Spicejet, Indigo etc.

Another advantage of IVR is the ability to segregate a particular type of message or notification into one category. For example all your messages from banks go into one place which makes it easier to trace. (Best Feature of All)

4. XXL Text

MIUI7 Text Enlarger- Techniblogic

MIUI 7 also offers XXL Text, which means that the interface will correctly display larger fonts without breaking any of the other elements.

5. Baby Album

MIUI-Baby-Photos- techniblogic

The new Baby Album feature recognizes babies in different photos in different albums and groups those pictures together so that they can easily flipped through or viewed as a slideshow on your MIUI 7 lock screen which is most of the time used by the parents.

6. Child Mode

miui7 child mode - techniblogic

MIUI 7 also include a new feature which allows parents to restrict their child’s access to information such as texts or emails but still allows them to use the phone and grants them access to apps that you choose in the settings. This feature is also available in Android Lollipop official version which is names as PIN screen.

7. DND Mode

miui7 dnd - Techniblogic

This is really a very cool feature of MIUI 7 which is new DND (Do Not Disturb) mode for the Mi Band allows the phone to detect you when you’re asleep and according to it mutes different notifications and vibrations. However any alarms that you have set will still go off to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.


miui7 muse - Technoiblogic

MUSE is a all new feature for MIUI 7 that allows even a regular users to create different themes that have nice animations and dynamic content without needing to have complex coding which is only be done by programmer. The new theme designer also allows users to run games on the lockscreen of the device if they want to, however we aren’t sure about the impact on the phone’s battery life when doing so (according to me it will affect the battery life.)

9. MIUI 7 Lockscreen [Showtime]

miui7 showtime - Techniblogic

In the earlier version of MIUI you can only set the weather, time and some notification on lockscreen but in  new feature called Showtime it let you assign five second video loops to contacts, which constantly show up instead of a static image when they call you, which is again a innovative way of enhancing the capability of Android in form of MIUI.

10. MIUI 7 – OTP Copy and Paste

Quick-OTP-MIUI7- techniblogicShopping on an E-commerce site or Transaction with Debit card, you should have to note down the OTP  (One-Time Password)and enter it in the transaction page.

So in MIUI 7, whenever you receive an OTP, you will be displayed a floating notification the OTP is displayed in different colour and an option Copy OTP on the right. So just tap on Copy OTP and paste it without the need to move from your current screen.
Quick OTP is enabled by default. In case if it is disabled on your device, you can turn it ON:
Go to  Messaging > Long-press on Recent apps key > Click on Check SMS for OTP

So guys this is some of the features which i noted in MIUI 7, if you guys have any new feature which i should add in this list do let me know in the comment section down below the video regarding this is also coming soon, which will show you the way how to use these above features.

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