Xiaomi offers to crowdfund for Mi Water TDS tester in India for Rs 349


Xiaomi makes a lot of products and most of the items made by Xiaomi are unavailable in India. For the people of India, who wants to get the access of the unavailable products, the company launched its share and save app and it also keeps on crowdfunding new products to measure the user-interest in them. If the product seems to meet the expectations of the buyer and is liked by a lot of the users, then the company decides to bring that product to market.  From today, Xiaomi has started crowdfunding its Mi Water TDS Tester in India.

Mi Water TDS Tester is the device that allows the users to test the water hardness with a press of a button. It just takes a few seconds for the device to test water hardness. It is easy to use and does not takes a lot of the user’s time.

Major Highlights of Mi Water TDS tester are:

  1. The Mi Water TDS Tester comes in a sleek, minimal design, with an IPX6 rating for water resistance.
  2. The Mi Water TDS can detect TDS values up to 9990.
  3. The sensor is designed to prevent rust and corrosion and can function in a temperature range of 0 to 80 degree Celsius.
  4. The Mi Water TDS comes with an energy-saving chip that automatically turns it off after 2 minutes of non-usage to extend battery life.
  5. The Mi water TDS can detect solvents including Soluble Salts (Calcium and Magnesium ions), Ionic Organic (Ammonium acetate, sodium, etc.) and Heavy Metal Ions (Chromium, Zinc, lead and copper.)

Currently, the Mi Water TDS Tester is available to crowdfund on Mi.com for Rs. 349. The final goal is to reach 5,000 people. Once the goal is met, it will be launched at Rs. 499.

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