XNSPY Review 2022 : A Complete Mobile Spy App

XNSPY Review

Is it safe to use Xnspy? how does XNSPY work? Here is the detailed XNSPY Review that gives you a better idea about this app.

Hey guys back with a bag of an awesome review of the app which is new in the market using which you can spy on any of the ANDROID or APPLE devices which is XNSPY.

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XNSPY is a smartphone and tablet spy monitoring software designed for parents who wish to monitor their children under 18 years and employers who want to keep track of their employees through company-owned smartphones and tablets.

It is mostly to track the BYOD (Bring your own device) system which is nowadays used in most organizations.

With XNSPY monitoring software, you can start spying on any smartphone and tablet within minutes. It runs in the device’s background so it remains hidden on the target device, you can not even see the app in the software as it becomes your hidden by becoming a system software.

This app offers every employee monitoring service that could possibly want. The app literally does everything you might need from a monitoring app and gives you the information in an easy to understand and intuitive style.

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A person who is monitoring the device gets access to a Web-based control panel where everything that happens on that device gets recorded. 

Apps, messages from texts to WhatsApp, phone call logs, pictures; just about anything that happens on the phone will be reported back to the control panel almost instantaneously. You can even remotely record phone calls.

Why such app has been Created ?

  • Know your kids :Kids use their smartphones for all kinds of purposes and they are in contact with there smart device almost every possible time they can have it. This leaves you with a fair amount of chance to know what they are up to. To start using Xnspy, you must Sign-up for this app first. Download this cell phone spy app inside your child’s phone after this and wait for the device to Sync with the Xnspy server. Use your personal Xnspy log-in details thereafter and you will be able to access the entire phone data of your kids with ease.

  • GPS tracking:The ‘View location history’ feature of Xnspy is pretty handy for any one. This feature uses the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s phone and updates you about their whereabouts anytime you wish to know about it. The Watchlist location alerts feature also helps you mark safe and danger zones for your kids. Once they enter or leave any of those areas, you get alerted about it instantly.

  • Sublime features:This app works fine with all the Android phones running on OS 2.3 and above as well as all iPhone models having iOS 6.0 and higher. With this app you get to view complete records of all the incoming and outgoing phone call records of your kids as well as all their SMS messages records. Even all the IM chat records of your kids are provided to you along with their complete Web browsing history. You may even access all the photos and videos stored inside the cell phone of your kids.

  • A sound solution:Not wanting to get into a conflict with her child,Finding Xnspy was the best thing that could happen to her. With the help of this cell phone spy app, she found out that her son was not in to any such stuff that she was thinking. Now she can relax and feel free and thank all she wants to this amazing spy app.

Top Features

  • Monitor Phone Calls and Contacts
  • Read SMS
  • IM monitoring—including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and iMessages
  • Track GPS Location
  • Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities
  • Record Phone Calls and Surroundings
  • View Calendar Entries
  • Viewing installed apps
  • Browsing history monitoring
  • View Photos and Videos
  • Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet
  • 24/7 Instant Alerts

There is a lot that you can do within these features, too. For example, in the GPS tracking one, you can create geo-fences. This means you are alerted anytime your subject enters or leave an impermissible area

User Interface

Android App: 

It does not have any User Interface. It just Runs in the Background and starts tracking all the user actions

User Dashboard :

dashboard of xnspy.com XNSPY Review
via xnspy.com

It provides great features and the Dashboard has a user-friendly UI. Here is the LIVE Demo of the User Dashboard looks.

Live Demo

Conclusion: XNSPY Review

Hope you liked this XNSPY Review. This XNSPY app will cost you a fortune because the minimum monthly subscription is set for a simple user is $8.33/month. We may not be able to utilize the full potential of the app as a general user. However, an employer can utilize this app to monitor and track their employees’ activities.

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The app is not free as you will get a proper server for this purpose where you can track the whole record of all the apps and where they all are installed.

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