YouTube Tutorial: How to Record Screen cast from YouTube

YouTube Tutorial: How to Record Screen cast from YouTube 1

Screencast tutorial is a popular invention in the life of shooting. Moreover, it gave a new application for the movies and entertainment videos. People learn something new and approve their skills by watching the tutorials of others.

By the way, what is the screencast? It is a kind of mp4 with a voice-over narration, which was videotaped on your PC desktop. The production of such tutorials including the audio will come in handy for you to introduce the gaming flow, show how to perform a task on your personal device, laptop or whatever or form a presentation. Also, you have an opportunity to store the screen video to YouTube for free. There are a huge amount of different ways to videotape the screen, and most of them are free, including online, on PC and on MAC. It goes without saying, that the process of creating the professional screencast needs a microphone and a video making software. But what for?

Thanks for modern technologies, you don’t need all this stuff anymore. The matter of fact is that you can make it with the help of the YouTube. Everyone has such icon on his desktop, use it for watching videos up to their taste and don’t know that YouTube is the top ten screen recording software for Windows. It gives all the possibilities to videotape the broadcast from screen and webcam, to revise and commentate it after it was made up and posted, and without any special difficulty to export videos in commonly used file types.

YouTube has more tricks up its sleeve than you might think — including a built-in video editor and tools for the extra paranoid — and you can actually use the regular YouTube site to videotape everything is taking place on your PC desktop. From showing off an app to the world to showing the grandparents how to use Skype, there are all kinds of ways it can prove helpful. In case you wish to record what is happening on your laptop screen, you have no need to resort to special software for creating screen-casts. You may search for some educational channels, but it only seems to be so difficult. It’s much easier than you can even imagine. You are free to produce your own YouTube tutorial about,  for example “essays for sale” without any recording software.only by using your YouTube account. YouTube is a useful tool in skillful hands.

YouTube Tutorial: How to Record Screen cast from YouTube 2

So, today I will tell you how to cope with this task in five easy steps, using only the best screen recorder ever – YouTube.

STEP ONE. Beginning

Search for the YouTube by using the additional keywords, if you are not a frequent youtube user, so it would be harder for you to find the needed site among the proposed. Then, you have to go to YouTube and log in with your Google account. Enter the 6-digit verification code in the text box and finally press “Submit” to conclude it. Just after you verified your private page, press “Continue.” Read terms and conditions regarding live streaming and don’t forget about “I Agree” button. Then press the “Add Video” button up in the right corner. While the new page appeared, the “Direct Broadcasts” block would be shown to the right. Press the “Start” button. In case you’re doing it at the first time, the service will ask you to confirm your cell phone number.

STEP TWO. Be Creative to Create

Now you need to go to the page for creating a new newscast. You may do it by selecting the “All Broadcasts” section on the left, and then clicking on “Schedule a new broadcast” or just follow the link.

YouTube Tutorial: How to Record Screen cast from YouTube 3

STEP THREE. The Levels of Access

At this stage, your task is to fill the primary characteristics like Title, Tags, Description. Rename the newscast any headline you prefer and choose in the access settings “Restricted Access” item. This privacy adjustment will help the converter to understand you want your video to be private or public.  After that, click the “Go Live Now ” button.

STEP FOUR. Almost there

After the proposed operations, a“Google Hangouts” window will appear. You have to press the “Show screen” button in the left pop-up panel. After the pressing of the necessary buttons, you will be asked to choose the full-screen recording mode or one of the open applications in which you want to transcript the tutorials.

STEP FIVE. You are a Guru of Tutorial-making

Click the “Start Broadcast” button. The process of videotaping will start from the screen of your computer, but of course, nobody will see it, because you have installed previously limited access to the broadcast.

Click the “Stop Broadcast” button when you are done with the videotaping. 

And that’s it – you are gorgeous!

Now you are the owner of the screencast on YouTube.

If you are ready to show it, somebody, click on Share button. In case of avoiding to record the voice over, it’s up to you to turn out the microphone and to focus on the desktop. video,

Videotaping the screencast with YouTube is easy and quick in comparison with any other downloader. The best part is that video-making software is not a necessity. Your screencasts are launched on your private page, you are able to load them to your Google Drive and share with anyone. Another strong point of such app is that the recorded broadcasts are saved in 720p HD. Also, if you change the size of your desktop to the 16:9 ratio, the quality of produced video would be better. In addition, everyone is free to create and launch your educational videos any time of a day, wherever and whenever you are. If you need more helpful facts about the mysteries of your laptop, Tech Life Hacks will be a great support for you.

This method is useful for those users who want to make a training broadcast which introduce any complication or a quick fix for this problem, and there are no special tools for videotaping at hand.

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