3 Live Translation Apps That Makes Solo Trips to Abroad a Joy

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Most of us like to travel. It gives us a sense of relief and a break from our hectic life. Locally it’s not a problem but when you travel abroad some problem may arise. We are talking about the linguistics. There are a variety of languages spoken all over the world and it creates a sort of communication gap between the locals and the tourists. So here we are going to discuss three live translation apps which will surely make your solo trips to abroad a joy.

  1. Google Translate

Screenshot-2018-1-27 Google Translate - Android Apps on Google PlayGoogle translate is the name which itself needs no introduction. It’s already available on all the Android devices by default. Google Translate acquired Word Lens which was one of the pioneers in live camera translations. With all the embedded features of Word Lens and other functional tools, Google Translate works quite neatly.

Using Google Translate is quite easy, all you’ve to do is click on the camera button in the app right under where it says ‘Tap to enter text’ and it’ll bring up the interface. Now just take a picture of the text you want to translate and done. You can now convert the text from the photo to your desired language. You can also use the shutter button to take a picture and save it for later.

  1. Microsoft Translator

Screenshot-2018-1-27 Google Translate - Android Apps on Google Play(1)Microsoft Translator is a decent and one of the popular translating app. It too supports instant translation through the camera, although it does not clarifies how many languages it supports. It supports only half of the languages that are available on Google Translate.

Using Microsoft Translator is not that tough, tap the camera icon to begin. Its working is a bit different from that of Google Translate. It does not instantly translate the picture rather than it allows you to take the picture first and then it processes the snap taken. After processing it translates into the desired language. It does the job but it is not as efficient as Google Translate.

  1. Waygo


Last but not the least, our last live translation app is Waygo. It supports only a few languages and converts them to English. Waygo supports Chinese, Korean and Japanese and works efficiently.

Its usage is quite easy, first of all, select the language you need to convert to English. Secondly, above the camera button, select whether you need to translate a single line of text or multiple lines. The camera will adjust accordingly to your response. One of its disadvantages is that it allows only a maximum of 10 translations per day.

All of these apps can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Google Translate is the most efficient one and supports more languages than the remaining two. Please do drop your suggestions about the given article and don’t forget to subscribe to our website. Keep traveling.

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