4 Most Common Challenges in SaaS Product Development

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Change is the only constant in the current market. With growing demand, there has been new involvement every time. SaaS product development has taken a rise at the current time. It tends to become beneficial over the conventional software installation model that needs businesses to create servers, install programs and activate them. With SaaS products, businesses can easily host apps on a cloud network, access using an API or through the Web and choose the right rental model.

This has also resulted in an increased need for custom software development among companies. As businesses are looking forward to providing unique experiences to their customers, creating better products that can be beneficial. Undeniably, customized software becomes a beneficial choice as it is created according to the business requirements. But, if it is about creating a customized SaaS product, let us take a look at the most common challenges faced during development.

What is Software as a Service? 

SaaS or software as a service is referred to creating applications that can be delivered as a service using the internet. Rather than maintaining and installing software, customers require using the internet to access these services. Therefore, it does not require any complicated device or software maintenance. Undeniably, the growth of SaaS product development is because of the multiple advantages it provides to a business and its customers but also has to pay attention to the major challenges faced by companies.

Challenges with SaaS Product Development: 

SaaS products have taken a great market among businesses. Project management, ERP software, email marketing, CRM, vertical applications, collaboration software etc. However, there are multiple challenges faced by a company during the process, irrespective of the kind of SaaS solution that you are looking forward to developing.

Customized integration of third-party payment:

When it is a SaaS product, it requires paying attention to the payment functionality. It is an essential aspect of the product. This is generally done by integrating third-party payment services. With an easy payment service, you can get support during integration. However, the more challenging is when the development team has to pay attention to its technical aspect. The major challenge is creating the right application part where the third-party payment system can be integrated seamlessly. 

It requires the custom software development team to have standard knowledge regarding third-party payment solutions and the integration requirement. Once done, the team of developers creates manual and automated tests to make sure that the integration is working as it is desired.

Complying with GDPR and creating a well-defined database:

It is not new that GDPR restrictions have set new standards for the world. Therefore, it requires a company to design a secure database to ensure a successful product. However, when it is about American clients, there is a need for a specific system, especially for the medical industries, to apply HIPAA constraints. It is a must for an app to have a well-defined and implemented HIPAA or GDPR in its initial phase.

So, a custom software development team needs to implement integration and unit tests to make sure of data access restrictions. This would make sure to abide by the guidelines and ensure success.

Ensuring zero downtime:

While SaaS product development, it is equally important to prioritise the availability. The major drawback that customers face most of the time is they are not able to access when there is a release of a new system version. Therefore, the development team has to create a proper deployment strategy. With zero downtime strategy in the deployment process, it ensures responsive service.

In the conventional models of applications, the system gets notified regarding the scheduled downtime. However, with the SaaS solution, with a proper deployment strategy, it ensures zero downtime. This is what makes a SaaS product a much more reliable solution.

So, these are some of the major challenges faced while developing SaaS solutions. However, it can be easily mitigated with a team of skilled and knowledgeable developers. Due to a lot of advantages provided to customers, SaaS products have become the new need for people.

Some of its common benefits include:

  • Customers can seamlessly use it without the need for installing or configuring the software.
  • As it is a shared model, the cost of using SaaS products is likely to be much more affordable.
  • Most SaaS solutions are hosted in a cloud setting, which has the ability to handle your growing requirements.
  • New releases and upgrades are less time-consuming and less expensive compared to conventional models.

Bottom Line: The challenges faced during SaaS product development can be taken care of by a company with the right set of team members. The skill set and knowledge of the professionals become a valuable choice.

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