4 Things an Insurance Adjuster Won’t Tell You After a Car Accident


After getting into a car accident, the first thing most people do is call their insurance company and inform them of the damage that has been done. This is a logical and reasonable thing to do because it allows your insurance adjuster to understand the situation and provide you with an estimate of how much of the damage can be covered by your insurance policy.

However, while you may be thinking that whatever your insurance adjuster tells you is written in stone, this is often not the case because many insurance companies keep secrets from their clients. These secrets allow insurance companies to ensure that you are getting a deal that will benefit them the most. Some of the secrets your insurance adjuster will not tell you to include the following:

Their Offer Will Not Cover All of Your Expenses

It is likely that the offer your insurance adjuster makes will not cover all of the expenses from the accident. Insurance companies train insurance adjusters to provide only the information that is necessary to convince clients that the settlement they provide is in the clients’ best interests.

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Most insurance companies will cover your hospital visit, but there are some cases when everything will not be covered by your insurance policy. For instance, if you break a bone or have severe injuries that require frequent scans and visits to the hospital, it is likely that your insurance company will not cover all of your subsequent medical expenses.

The “Best” Deal Will Be Best for the Company, Not for You

When giving you an offer or providing clients with packages, the “best” deal or insurance package may not be the one that you think it to be. Insurance companies offer and write up agreements that will keep their best interests into consideration. Your best interests often do not coincide with the insurance provider’s best interest. The insurance adjuster’s goal is to settle with you for as little as possible.

It is best to search through your options before signing any agreements with your insurance provider. Insurance providers usually have many different packages, so before you commit to one, do your research and maybe even hire an attorney to help you understand the settlement.

Your Case Will Be Settled Without Going to Trial

Most insurance companies settle a majority of their cases without going to court. If an insurance settlement is taken to court, the insurance company will have to spend a lot of money on legal fees and other such expenses. This will make the settlement more expensive than they anticipated, so insurance companies fear going to court.

If you know about this fear, you can use it to your advantage by threatening your insurance provider. Such threats will make the settlement tip in your favour as the insurance company is likely to want to compromise on a settlement that will benefit you.

Always Hire an Attorney

The insurance company will make it seem like hiring an attorney will be a headache and a waste of time for you. It is also likely that your insurance adjuster will try to pressure you into a settlement without giving you the time to even think about hiring an attorney. But, whatever you do, find yourself a Tampa personal injury lawyer.

Your attorney will help you through the process in ways that you cannot achieve through simple research and reading. They will handle the negotiation for you, and you can get a better settlement with someone knowledgeable about insurance policies.

Final Thoughts

If you want a better understanding of insurance policies, it is best to start looking at personal injury or accident insurance and the different types that are available.

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