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5 Online Business Ideas to Become Your Own Boss in 2017

A question that inevitably pops to one’s head nowadays is why anyone would work for a boss or a manager when they can start their own online career. The most obvious obstacle in their way is the lack of courage. Apart from that, many people simply don’t possess the right Business Ideas about the types of jobs available on the Web. If you are one of them, pay attention to the next five ideas for self-employment.

Online Assistant

Since the Internet is apparently going to keep growing at a up-tempo pace in 2017, the demand for punctual and reliable virtual assistants will also be on the rise. With this job you can work for several clients and, more, importantly, you will have high work autonomy. Another positive side of this job is that it doesn’t require any large initial investment – a moderately powerful computer and a fair headset will do. However, you might want to learn touch typing, which will improve your productivity.

The main disadvantage of this profession might be odd work hours, because you can have clients from different time zones.

Big data enterer

The aforementioned fast-typing skills will be of greatest importance for this home-based, data-related job. There are different kinds of data entries, so your responsibilities might vary a lot. For instance, you can be in charge of completing Excel catalogs, tracking shipments or categorizing inventory data for different companies.

App developer

The vast majority of career advisers on the Web will tell you that you can make a fortune in no time, working as a web developer. However, this is simply not true. What you can expect in this field are years of sweat, hard work and endless sitting.

This is why starting as an app developer is wiser option. Although your initial effort will probably have to be free of charge, you will soon get an opportunity to make some money. For instance, if you decide to charge an app only $0.50 per single download, it can bring a fair income when downloaded thousands of times.

Online Business

Legal adviser

Due to the fact that the global market is getting more and more integrated, legal advisers are among the most wanted online professions. People who possess vast knowledge of legal matters but waste their talent working for peanuts in public services can make a pivotal turn and start an online career in this field. Furthermore, joining forces with an experienced bookkeeper could lead to formation of an internationally acclaimed law and accounting company.

Moreover, it would be smart that both experts take recognized international courses. For example, acquiring the widely acclaimed cert IV in Bookkeeping or getting a license for international legal practice will make your business look more professional.

Content writer

Today you can make a great living from online writing. Unlike programmers and web developers, it shouldn’t take too much time to become a seasoned content writer. For instance, you can start writing short texts in your native language, to see how successful you are at it.  After that, try your luck with a foreign language you are proficient in. What matters here is reading, so read at least 30 pages of a book daily, to keep your vocabulary on a high level.

There are already many interesting jobs out there on the Internet. Also, new ones are being formed as we speak. Therefore, plunge into the depths of the Web and get a job that will offer you a chance to show your talent and make an independent living from your honest work.

Dan Radak
Dan Radak
Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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