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6 Incredible Way To Use Your Mobile Camera!

Smartphone devices have multiple features, which you access in your day to day life. But some amazing features are still unknown to a large group of users. Here, we are going to talk about the mobile camera. Till now, users would have used the mobile camera for clicking their selfies and pictures only, but now we are here to make you aware of some incredible ways to use your mobile camera.

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6 Incredible Way To Use Your Mobile Camera

1. Google Translator

Camera app Google Translate

You would have heard of Google Translate as a translator of one language to another. You may have typed an entire line or a paragraph which you wanted to translate, but here’s the part where the camera comes to play. The mobile camera can ease the burden of typing the entire text. You can use your mobile camera to take pictures of text which can be further translated into 37 languages using the Google Translate app. You can DOWNLOAD this App from HERE.

2. Cardboard Camera

Camera app Cardboard Camera

If you love the concept of VR (Virtual Reality), this app will surely be in your wish list. Cardboard Camera uses the mobile camera to capture VR photos. VR photos have an advantage of their 3D look and sound effect which makes us relive the photos. This app may not be compatible with some low-end devices. You can DOWNLOAD this App from HERE.

3. QR & Barcode Scanner

Camera app QR & Barcode Scanner

Another smart way to use a mobile camera is to use it as a scanner. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is to scan whatever code you need to and receive corresponding details. It helps in shopping and comparing online prices. You can DOWNLOAD this App from HERE.

4. PhotoMath

This app is a must in every student’s phone. PhotoMath uses the mobile camera to take pictures of any written mathematical problem and returns the result with step by step solving procedure. Thus who would have known, lengthy mathematical problems could just be solved by a click. You can DOWNLOAD this App from HERE.

5. Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Camera app Text Fairy

Text Fairy uses OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technique to convert printed text into machine coded text. Text Fairy converts an image into text. This extracted text can be further edited, copied into the clipboard for different uses. You can also convert the scanned pages into PDF. Although handwritten text cannot be converted by Text Fairy, still it’s a great app which helps in copying and editing text from some hard copy. You can DOWNLOAD this App from HERE.

6. Color Detector

Camera app Color Detector

It always happens to us that we go somewhere and find some colour very appealing, but we are unable to fully define that exact colour. Color Detector app is the solution to our problem here. With camera options in colour detector, we can easily find the colour name and colour code of various objects around us. This app is very accurate and helpful for graphic designers. You can DOWNLOAD this App from HERE.

Now, these were some useful ways which proves that mobile cameras are much more than just clicking selfies. So, have fun with these awesome apps.

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Thanks for hanging out with us guys, stay tuned for more update. Also feel free to share your experiences with these apps in the comment section below.

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