6 Steps for Creating a Perfect Landing Page

6 Steps for Creating a Perfect Landing Page

One of the key factors that contribute to conversions and successful online marketing campaigns is a well-developed and appealing landing page. Since it plays such an important role, a landing page has to be efficient in order for it to yield desired results. Therefore, if you feel like your current landing page leaves some room for improvement, or if you haven’t created one yet, here are some design elements you need to implement in order to bring it to perfection.

Simple and Organised Design

There’s nothing more off-putting than a cluttered landing page that makes visitors immediately go somewhere else. A simple, but elegant design will contribute to the effectiveness of your landing page and, consequently, to higher conversion rates. You shouldn’t overload it with too many images or too much textual content, but find a balance that will leave an impression of harmonious look.

organised design

The elements of your landing page need to be complementary, which means that you shouldn’t use red background and pink letters. Of course, you need to create a contrast between the CTA buttons and the rest of the design in order to make them stand out – red and green colours are believed to increase conversions, which makes them a perfect choice for a CTA.

Finally, the placement of each element is another important aspect to be considered when creating an organised design. Therefore, make sure not to scatter text and buttons around, but think about their position carefully.

Eye-Catching Headlines

Since the headline on your landing page will be the first thing your visitors will see, it has to be compelling and efficient. Your headlines must be short and concise, which means that they shouldn’t be more than ten to twelve-words long.

The headlines should make your customers take a closer look at what it is that you offer, so they need to be intriguing and captivating. Choosing headlines that are completely unrelated to your products or services won’t be efficient. Hence, you need to opt for a headline that says something about who you are and what you do in just a few words.


Finally, grammar needs to be impeccable, not just on the landing page, but the rest of the website as well, since grammar mistakes won’t leave a good impression on your customers. Thus, make sure you proofread several times and have someone else do it as well, in case you overlook some typing mistakes.

Powerful Call to Action

Call to action is one of the most important elements of any landing page. Firstly, it needs to stand out, so that your visitors know exactly what they should click. As already mentioned, it needs to contrast the rest of the design, so opt for a colour that will attract visitors’ attention.

Secondly, you should use words that will be motivating, such as “free”, “new”, “download now”, etc. Your CTA has to be strong and achieve several functions. It should tell your customers what they will get if they click the button and why they should do it.

Compelling Graphics

The graphics that you choose to include on your landing page should be in connection with your product or service. Instead of going with cliché stock graphics, use original and motivating images of high quality.

photography, camera, nature

Additionally, the visuals should somewhat explain your product or service, and evoke some emotional reaction from your customers. This is important factor that can engage visitors emotionally, which can lead to higher conversion rate.

There’s a reason why many companies include heartbreaking or compelling images in their advertisements – they are looking to appeal to emotions of their audience.

Signals of Trust

The best way to win over customers is by showing them that you and your company are trustworthy, and here’s where trust signals play an important role. Some of the examples include testimonials, “like” buttons, trust badges, and similar.


Testimonials are used in the form of endorsements from past clients and they are supposed to reassure visitors and gain their trust. Trust badges are another trust signal used as an indicator of your expertise, skills and reliability. Take a look at this digital agency as a great example of how you can stylishly include trust badges to demonstrate endorsement, recognition and collaboration with renowned brands. Additionally, their entire landing page is quite compelling, to say the least, since it’s perfectly balanced and well-designed.

Relevant and Sufficient Information

In order for your customers to click the CTA button, they need to have access to sufficient information that will give them a push to do so. Use language that will be comprehensible to everyone, instead of including a lot of technical terms that only a limited number of visitors can understand. You need to provide enough information that will explain your product or service, as well as the explanation concerning the use of required tools on your landing page.

Creating an efficient landing page is of utmost importance when it comes to increasing your conversion rates. With little effort and several simple steps, you can easily have a landing page that will compel everyone who visits it.

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