The Relation Between Upgraded Design and Increasing Traffic

The Relation Between Upgraded Design and Increasing Traffic

According to the 2015 Ascend2 report, more than 70% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactics. However, another set of statistics shows that 94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than the one without any. With this in mind, it is evident that even though quality content plays an enormous role in website traffic increase, there are other influential factors.

In the following article we will provide you with the most essential website design features to consider improving in order to increase organic traffic.


Depending on the nature of your work and the industry you are in, the design of your website will greatly vary. It is essential for a design to compliment the content of your website. While a multitude of colors and animations have their charm, flashy and in-your-face images might not be suitable for your line of business.

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If you are looking to achieve a certain dose of professionalism – opt for minimalism. If you’re looking to setup your website fast, then skim through WordPress’ rich theme collection and select the one that best describes you and your brand.

The Instagram Effect

Since you have only 15 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention, it is of utmost importance to make your content as appealing as possible. People are visual beings, what is proven by the fact that there is a 14% increase in page view when press release contains a photograph. The number is known to climb even up to almost 50% when videos are included. For this reason, ensure that each image you upload on the website is of the highest quality.

With the appearance of Instagram, the use of filters has grown rapidly, and the imperative should be put on the choice of the photograph for an article. For example, if you are running a coffee shop, first-class picture of a delicious cup of mocha latte is guaranteed to capture every coffee lover’s attention. The same goes for the travel websites: there’s no better motivation for a travel than putting up several sunrise images from Bora Bora to make people browse around the website more and eventually opt for a vacation themselves.

Visualize Your Words

Despite the fact that people are there for the content, they find it far easier to cope with the information load if it is presented on the graph. Fortunately, WordPress is a reliable partner for all newbie website owners who are looking to present the most important information in the chart.

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Powerful WordPress Charts and Graphs plugin is easy-to-use tool that will help you incorporate interactive chart in any of your posts. It is quite flexible and customizable, so regardless of your website design, you are bound to find the one that will fit in the best. Infographics are another great way of driving traffic to your website, as they are can display even a large amount of complex data.  

It’s All About the Little Things

Although you might find it insignificant, visitors pay attention to even the smallest things. Buttons from any post or page from your website are something people are bound to notice. Since you are looking to get your content shared across a number of social media platforms, aside from having enticing sharable content, you need eye-appealing buttons that will attract visitors and inspire them to click.

When looking for the best possible buttons to suit your overall website design, opt for WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons, a plugin that aids website owner in generating outstanding CSS3 buttons with ease. They provide you with an opportunity to create an unlimited number of buttons in wide variety of colors.

Finally, don’t forget about the Pin It button that enables people to share interesting image from your blogpost fast and easy. As the popularity of Pinterest is constantly growing, you will certainly see a significant increase in your content exposure.

Creative design, interesting images and videos are essential for website traffic. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that the initial purpose of a website is to provide visitors with interesting and informative content. Ensure that your website is pleasing to the eye as well as memorable.

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