Google is one of the most popular search engines in the World Wide Web today. So, advertisers will do well to maximize their advertising strategy on the search engine giant.

With that said, below is some simple Google advertising strategy you can try that will give positive results for your business.

1. Stay local

7 Google Advertising Strategies That Will Surely Drive Positive Results for Your Business 1

Staying local is an excellent strategy, especially if you’re a business that has a physical, brick-and-mortar location. Being as specific without being too niche with your target audience makes it easier for you to lead people to convert and use your products or services.

Given the fact that the most common payment scheme for advertising through Google is the pay-per-click method, staying local will be cheaper for you as well.

According to Voy Media PPC company, geotargeting your audience will save you money because you don’t have to pay for the clicks of users who aren’t within the vicinity of your store’s location anyway.

2. Create a Landing Page

7 Google Advertising Strategies That Will Surely Drive Positive Results for Your Business 2

Your online landing page gives your potential customers a strong first impression of your business. Thus, you want to make sure all important and relevant information in their eyes are present or at the very least, easy to find.

Creating a great landing page involves a lot of factors so that you can increase your ranking on search engines like Google. One of the best ways to increase your site ranking in Google is by working on your loading speed.

To be able to track how fast your website loads, you can check it on Google Analytics.

3. Do a Keyword Research

7 Google Advertising Strategies That Will Surely Drive Positive Results for Your Business 3

Keyword research is a big part of search engine optimization.

Keywords are sort of what Google uses to identify the type of service or product that you’re offering. It uses keywords to also serve up your products or services to the people who are looking for them.

Finding the right keywords will help you attract the most productive attention you can get from users. You can try three things: bid on your brand as a keyword, your competitor’s brand, or no brand at all.


Bidding on your brand name can help you show your ads during the appropriate times when your brand is mentioned. This keyword bid is especially effective if it’s from positive reviews or mentions of your brand.

Of course, to be effective, you need to have light notoriety in some ways. If you don’t have that sort of traffic yet, then you might not get as much out of it.


The opposite of bidding on your brand is bidding on keywords with your competition’s name on it.

This is a clever trick to get the audiences of your competition to see your brand. Bidding on competitor’s brand will help you gain access to their audience, and since you both provide somewhat of a similar service, the ad is relevant to their audience too.


Of course, you don’t have to strictly bid on brands. Most often, the keyword bids are on non-brand related keywords. Some examples would be the type of service or product that you provide or the industry that you’re in.

4. Categorize Your Ad by Device Type

7 Google Advertising Strategies That Will Surely Drive Positive Results for Your Business 4

Google Ads has a lot of targeting options for interested advertisers. One of the ways you can target your ads is through the type of device that they have.

Many online users browse through mobile devices so it is wise to cater to these types of users. Making your website mobile-friendly will definitely help you to target mobile-users better.

5. Use Behavioral Targeting

Another audience targeting option that will help you round out your target audience is behavioral targeting.

If you have a clear image of your target audience, then you should consider targeting ads to them based on their behavior.

No matter what site your ideal audience is in, as long as it fits the behavior of your target audience, then Google will advertise your business to them.

6. Leverage Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional features you can use on your Google ads.

If you’ve seen Google ads that feature how many stars they got from customer reviews, a link that allows you to call them, these are Ad Extensions.

Ad extensions are free, though you shouldn’t overuse them. Make sure your ad extensions fit your business.

7. Incorporate Voice and Visual Search

7 Google Advertising Strategies That Will Surely Drive Positive Results for Your Business 5

Although Google doesn’t have much yet in terms of advertising with voice and visual searches, it may be coming along soon.

Thus, you might want to find a way to incorporate or think about your future in Google advertising in terms of voice and visual searches.

Think about the visuals that you have in your ads and conceptualize how you can get more out of them. That way, you are prepared for the future of Google searches.

With these Google Advertising strategies, you are able to more efficiently use their advertising scheme to get business results. Make sure that you tweak and adjust based on the specifics of your business. Play around with it until you find the optimal settings for your business. Good luck!


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