7 Marketing and Website Trends We Will See in 2021

7 Marketing and Website Trends

After what might have been the most challenging year for so many businesses working amid a pandemic, 2021 appears to be more promising. It is especially so in the digital marketing sector, which had grown extensively as the online world grew. So, the Marketing and Website Trends will change in 2021.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, people couldn’t leave their houses to go physical shopping or work. Many things had to be done online, and business owners responded by improving their online service delivery.

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7 Marketing and Website Trends

If you run a digital agency or an online business, you need to be aware of the best marketing practices. The following seven marketing and website trends are likely to shape 2021:

1.   An Increase in Authentic Marketing

Well, goodbye to traditional marketing techniques. In 2021 virtual events are the in-thing. From organized live concerts, virtual launches, virtual classes, and other informative digital experiences, marketing just moved to a higher level.

Unlike before, where marketing agencies just relied on poster marketing, even on online platforms, today they can enjoy live shows to do the same. Marketing is now diversified to different platforms like YouTube, business websites, and other social media platforms like Facebook.

The live shows and events give a more authentic feel to whatever products are advertised. It also makes it easy for people to associate with brands and businesses at a more personal level.

2.   Marketing Will Focus More on Stay-at-Home Economy

7 Marketing and Website Trends We Will See in 2021 1

So many businesses have to adopt remote working in 2021. Apart from it easing out congestion in the office, remote working significantly reduces the spread of COVID 19.

If people are at home more, that means they have more time for playing video games, listening to podcasts, or even watching Netflix. Brands are investing more in digital marketing through such channels. With more time spent around the house, marketing needs to look for effective ways to reach potential customers.

3.   An Upgrade of Most Social Media Platforms

No social media platforms want to lag, so they provide more digital marketing means to their audience. They keep upgrading their services almost every day to fit in the changing world. For instance, Instagram allows shopping through the recently introduced reels, and Facebook and Whatsapp can now allow making purchases without leaving the app. This gives social media users an easy time getting services and ordering goods.

4.   Better Use of Online Collected Data

You might have noticed when you consistently search for a certain product online, you keep getting suggestions to a similar one every time you log in. Well, it’s not magic; this is part of digital marketing where apps or websites collect some of your data to give you a better experience. Brands can predict what their customers want and make it available in advance. Such a move not only makes shopping easy but improves customer experience.

5.   Increased Use of Chatbots

The fact that chatbots give quick answers about a product or a business online makes it very convenient in today’s world. As competition stiffens, businesses are looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction, and chatbots are one of them. They collect most of the information about your business and reply to customer’s queries.

Using chatbots to answer generic inquiries from customers allows employees to focus on tasks that need a human touch and improve productivity.

6.   More Focus on Voice SEO

Many people are now using voice searches more than ever in the US and across the world. As of now, about 40% of internet users prefer using voice search in the US. The numbers are set to grow in 2021 by over 122.7 million users.

In response to this, more websites and marketers will realign their SEO strategies in 2021. They need to understand how voice SEO works and how it can generate traffic and boost conversion.

Texts will shift from conventional searches to more searchable ones. Here’s what website owners will need to do:

  • Understand how to optimize content for voice search, keyword relevance, and be more conversational.
  • Create answer-focused answers by thinking like the users.
  • Use long-tailed keywords since keywords get longer with voice searches.

7.   Use of Augmented Reality

7 Marketing and Website Trends

AR marketing is something you should consider to create awareness in the world. It bridges the gap between the online and offline world, especially on most social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, businesses, influencers, and marketers can use AR filters to create awareness about brands in their stories.

Platforms and businesses like Facebook and Apple went an extra mile to announce projects like “Aria” that involve wearable AR glasses. More businesses will take advantage of this technology to grow their businesses.

Buckle Up for the 2021’s Experiences

It will be an adventurous year in terms of technology; therefore, you need to stay ready. With so many projects underway to help businesses recover from the pandemic losses, innovators are looking to bring some of the best. If you are a business owner, influencer, or just a regular shopper, there is something for everyone. You need to stay informed and do some research every once in a while to avoid lagging.

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