Acer India Launched The IZ65A And IZ75A Interactive Flat Panel Touch Series For Smart Classrooms And Meeting Rooms

Acer India Launched The IZ65A And IZ75A Interactive Flat Panel

The Acer IZ interactive series is the newest addition to the lineup of cutting-edge interactive panels from the world’s leading provider of technology solutions, Acer. These interactive displays aim to revolutionize the classroom and the boardroom by providing engaging lessons and cutting-edge tools for organizations of all stripes.

The Acer IZ65A and IZ75A series have 4K UHD IPS screens with vivid colours and crisp details, and an ultra-thin and anti-static metal shell that enhances the audio experience. For effortless teamwork and participation, these interactive panels enable up to 40 touch points and provide a highly sensitive touch interface.

Both the IZ65A and IZ75A series from Acer have the newest and greatest in wireless networking. Ports include HDMI, VGA, DP, and Type C in addition to the newest Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and 1GBPS LAN. These panels go in well with a variety of gadgets and classroom layouts. The panel’s cutting-edge ANDROID 13 operating system, replete with access to the Google Play store, enables its usability and seamless integration into existing pedagogical technology infrastructures.

The new Acer IZ65A and IZ75A interactive touch series completely changes the game in both the classroom and the workplace. Acer Whiteboard, which is powered by Android 13, is preinstalled on the displays and allows users to draw, annotate, paint, erase, and highlight. They also include a function called “E-share” that lets you display the screens of up to nine different devices onto a single screen for group work. In addition, you may schedule when the device will turn on and off, lock applications, and get updates over the air. OPS versions with Intel Core Processors and Windows 11 are available as upgrades for these. Acer’s mission is to provide innovative technology that enables people to achieve their full potential in the workplace, in the classroom, and in the workplace.

Chief Business Officer Sudhir Goel said, “With the corporate and education sectors entering a new phase of growth and opportunity, we are excited to present our customers with cutting-edge products in display technology.” The introduction of our new Interactive Flat Panels demonstrates our dedication to adapting to the changing demands of the academic and business communities. We are aware of the dramatic shifts in the environment and are pleased to provide features that are both user-friendly and adaptable to the needs of various market niches. Our interactive panels help institutions and businesses modernise their approaches to teaching and cooperation in the digital age. He went on to say, “We are thrilled to equip our clients with technology that transforms their workplaces and boosts productivity.”

Optimal readability, screen durability, and user satisfaction are all improved by the anti-glare displays included in the Acer IZ65A and IZ75A series.  The 2*20-Watt speakers included into these displays further enhance the realism of the setup, providing crisp, clear sound for multimedia presentations and video playing.

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