aFOREO UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks in 90 Sec

aFOREO UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks in 90 Sec

There are many women who love to use a facial mask every day. Most of the women prefer facial mask over spa treatment because facial mask can be your “at-home” solution for imperfections. We all are aware of an old-fashioned way of using and applying a facial mask. But for a beneficial change, a team at Foreo has designed UFO- “The world’s most elegant smart mask” that will make your skin flawless and attractive in just 90 seconds.

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How do UFO works?

UFO provides you with a total skin makeover in just 90 seconds. The hyper-Infusion technology pushes premium Korean skincare formulas into the deepest layer of your skin and locks in the moisture for better, long-lasting results.  It uses different app controlled treatment routines that use latest professional beauty technologies to maximize results.

  1. UFO is 100% waterproof and is USB rechargeable.
  2. UFO features hyper-Infusion technology (heating+cooling+T-sonic pulsations) and LED light therapy.
  3. The facial treatment offered by UFO is controlled by an app.
  4. App-controlled treatment routines activate essential ingredients in the exclusive Korean mask formulas, maximizing the benefits according to your skincare need.

Why should one go for UFO?

aFOREO UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks in 90 Sec

UFO combines beauty with technology to make sure that you get more benefits out of every other mask.  It allows better facial coverage and deeper penetration of mask essence. UFO mask is not messy and ineffective like sheet masks.


The UFO mask is available on, at a minimal price of 99 USD. So grab it before it goes out of stock.

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