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AGON by AOC Launches First Official League of Legends Gaming Display

The AGON PRO AG275QXL – AGON League of Legends Edition from AGON by AOC, the world’s premier gaming monitor and Gaming accessories company, and Riot Games has announced that it will be available in India.

This newly released gaming monitor stands out from the crowd with its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and MOBA-optimized extras. In India, you may purchase an AG275QXL screen beginning in May of 2023.

Fans of League of Legends will have the best time ever, thanks to the game’s special features.

League of Legends has millions of players all around the globe who compete against each other in high-stakes team games. With innovative features like reactive lighting to in-game events, AGON by AOC has developed the first display to deliver the rift experience to gamers worldwide.

The innovative Hextech-inspired design of the AG275QXL, which unites the magical and technological worlds, will stand out to fans of the popular game for its striking appearance.

Mr. Atul Jasra, Country Head-India, AOC (TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd.), commented on the debut of the new gaming monitor, saying, “We are happy to present the AGON PRO AG275QXL gaming display to the Indian market. The AGON PRO AG275QXL is the finest tool for gamers because of its gorgeous screen, quick refresh rate, and adaptable settings. We’re thrilled with how our work with Riot Games has allowed us to combine our in-depth understanding of display technology with the allure of League of Legends. The goal of this collaboration is to present the League of Legends community with a unique gaming experience that highlights the capabilities of AOC Monitors.

League of Legends Mode, LoL QuickSwitch, special power on/off noises, Light FX Sync, and the LoL Signature OSD design are just a few of the standout features of the AG275QXL.

A display stocked with powerful runes and boosts

The AG275QXL has top-tier specifications to provide consistent and high-end performance for both casual gamers and aspiring esports professionals. The 27-inch IPS display has a QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 170Hz, ensuring fluid graphics even during the fiercest team battles.

The AG275QXL has Adaptive Sync with FreeSync Premium and a reaction time of 1ms GtG, both of which work together to reduce tearing and other interruptions and provide smooth, uninterrupted video. Long gaming sessions and a vivid depiction of their favourite heroes charging into combat are now possible thanks to VESA DisplayHDR 400, ShadowControl, and the flicker-free mode.

AGON by AOC is an initiative to create custom gaming gear that will aid competitors in reaching their full potential and overcoming obstacles.

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