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Alfawise C50 Mini Wireless Smart Laser Engraver Cutter Laser engraving is pricey, and it usually was far away from people’s lives until the development of technology. It is because of the advancement in technology we can now have more and more novelty gadgets that are available to ordinary people. One such product is Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver.

Buy Alfawise C50 Wireless Laser Engraver on SALE

Alfawise C50 is very simple to use and helps many Do-It-Yourself-loving people to make their own unique laser engraving creations. Although laser engraving machines are not toys and must be handled with care and one should use them under the supervision of some expert. However, this mini wireless smart laser engraver cutter is very simple to use, and it can be controlled just via mobile application.

How does Alfawise C50 work?

The machine connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the application scans the powered-on the device. The main interface of the device comes with 4 options, Picture, Photo, Paint, and Material, which are easy to understand. The device takes 40 minutes to complete a 100 * 90 piece for work. However, the working time entirely depends on the size and complexity of the image as well as the material.

Alfawise C50 Features:

1. Small Body, Not Limited to the Place

The device comes with a small size and is portable in nature. It clearly means that we can use the device anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t acquire more areas. You can even keep it on the desktop. The bracket of the device can easily be disassembled and assembled. The gadget supports power bank and DC power supply that allows you to perform laser engraving with ease and convenience.

2. High-precision Screw and Motor Module Improve Accuracy

The device’s screw and motor are equipped with high precision and excellent reliability. This ensures that the stability of the machine is maintained during engraving, and it even helps in making the engraving effect better.

3. Laser Reaching Range: 98 x 88mm

The device can be used to engrave an area of 98 * 88mm.  The device comes with a laser chip that is signed OSRAM, and it guarantees quality. The engraving depth is 2mm. The device can also be used to create a puzzle as it can even cut thin surfaces.

4. Equipped with various Engraving & Cutting Materials

The device comes with several engraving and cutting materials that help you to freely DIY wood, ceramic, paperboard, cardboard, bamboo, leather, fruit peel, fruit core, metal surface coating, plastic, and rubber engraving, it can be used for veneer, cardboard, paper card, non-woven fabric, and EVA cutting.

5. APP Operation, Realize Your Multiple Creative Needs

The gadget works well with a mobile application, and the app comes with the functions of multi-layer editing, text editing, eraser, free gesture zoom, and precise setting of size and co-ordinates. Moreover, the user can even use the application to upgrade the gadget and update the material library during the iteration of the function. The app features engraving mode that helps in performing Bitmap engraving, bitmap gradation engraving, contour cutting, black and white image, greyscale map, reverse and seal. The app and gadget work well with Windows, Android, and iOS.

6. Clearly Engraving Small Details

The gadget comes with an engraving resolution of 508dpi that ensures that the engraved image is sufficiently delicate and clear. The effective engraving range of the laser is 30mm-80mm from the laser. And, taller objects can be cushioned by 4 flat objects of the same height under the 4-foot pads.

7. Security Protection for Worry-free Use

The gadget is built-in using the G-sensor, i.e. the gyroscope sensor that actively stops the device of it senses any abnormal movement like shaking, falling, collision, tilt, etc.  The bracket used in the gadget acts like an eye guard that can be used to protect your eyes from laser beams. The device comes with goggles to protect your eyes while you are working.

Alfawise C50 Pros & Cons


  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can be used by anyone and anywhere


  • Expensive
  • Repair & Servicing may take time

Alfawise C50 Price and Availability:

Alfawise C50 Laser Engraving Machine

Alfawise C50 Laser Engraver Machine is available at gearbest.com for $129.99. Overall Alfawise has heat production, full-proof security, and photography, when the ignition point becomes higher than that of the laser heat lock present inside is used to create a paint that can alter its temperature.

Buy Alfawise C50 Wireless Laser Engraver on SALE

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