Apple WWDC Event on June 5: New MacBook Air 2023, iOS 17 and more to launch

WWDC 2023 How to Sell Old Laptops (Macbook or PC)

It’s safe to say that WWDC 2023 will be one of the largest Apple development conferences ever. We anticipate Apple will release iOS 17, its first mixed-reality headset, and the biggest ultraportable notebook it has ever made, the 15-inch MacBook Air.

There is now further evidence to indicate that this laptop will be available for purchase shortly after Apple’s June presentation concludes.

Quanta Computer, an Apple supplier, is expecting to experience single-digit increase in the number of notebook computers it assembles in the second quarter of 2023, according to a research note from Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring viewed by MacRumors.

Woodring speculates that this growth is due, at least in part, to the imminent release of updated MacBook models; the 15-inch model, in particular, seems like a safe bet in light of the many rumours and leaks that have circulated about it.

Next month is expected to see the largest-ever MacBook Airs on laps and desks, since June 30 marks the conclusion of the second quarter of the year, only 25 days after Apple’s WWDC keynote concludes.

WWDC 2023: What do we hope for with the 15-inch MacBook Air?

There is just a 13-inch model of the MacBook Air on the market right now. You’ll have to shell out a lot more cash for a larger MacBook Pro (14 or 16 inches) if you want one.

A larger-screened, ultraportable notebook for individuals who don’t want the Pro capabilities of Apple’s priciest laptops appears to be the goal of Apple’s rumoured 15-inch MacBook Air. That probably implies fewer ports and lower-quality audio compared to the Pro versions, as well as a lack of a high-refresh-rate ProMotion screen.

In all likelihood, the 15.2-inch MacBook Air will look very similar to the current 13.6-inch MacBook Air M2 (shown above), aside from its larger screen size. This includes thin bezels, a camera notch, and a flat design without the tapered edges that define previous generation Airs.

The larger display is disappointing, but we are not anticipating improved performance. Since the M2 Pro processor is presently only available as an optional upgrade for the 2022 MacBook Pro and 2022 Mac mini, we anticipate combinations with last year’s chip, which was introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. 

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