B2v2 – Helps You Sleep, Feel Better Emotionally and More

B2v2 - Helps You Sleep

In this 21st century, every individual is emotionally tired and stressed out. From everyday day work not only their physical health is affected but also mental health is at stake. At night most of the people have a problem in sleeping because of sleeping disorders, stress or because they are emotionally broken. In order to make your overall health better it is better you take a good amount of sleep. Well, if you’re having some issues like that you need not worry, we got you covered.

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People with sleeping disorders or insomnia need not worry because we have a headband named B2V2 that is going to help you sleep better. The device can be worn for a minute and it can help you sleep deeper and longer and improves overall emotional well-being.

How do b2v2 works?

B2v2 - Helps You Sleep, Feel Better EmotionallyThe B2V2 reads your brainwave in real time and the proprietary software converts your brainwaves into corresponding music like tonnes. It is not a random music. It simply helps your brain to self-control and balances its own rhythms. It’s completely non-invasive.


  1. After using this headband technology you will wake up refreshed, with more energy.
  2. You will also experience emotional improvements such as increased confidence, focus, drive, joy and improved performance that significantly changes your life for the better.
  3. It also brings emotional well-being and wellness.
  4. It is easy to put on and very comfortable to wear.
  5. Fits a wider range of head shapes and sizes.

Why should one go for b2v2 headbands?


Stress affects your emotions, behaviour, thinking ability and also your relationships. So, if you are going through stress and lack of sleep then you should probably go for this device as soon as possible. Just for the sake of your wellness and for sake of your loved ones.


The product is available on the site of kickstarter.com, the price of the B2V2 headband is 195 USD. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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