Become the best pet parent with a few simple hacks

Become the best pet parent with a few simple hacks

Pet parents have a lot on their plate. Having pets means that you have considerably more fun in your life, but it also comes with learning to deal with unexpected situations and some unpleasantness along the way.

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Modern lives are usually filled to the brim with things to do, but you certainly don’t want to neglect your little friend’s well-being. Don’t worry. There are ways to prioritize your pet, even if you feel swamped by other responsibilities.

Their comfort comes first

Whether you’re the proud parent of a dog, a cat, a bird, a tortoise, or even something more exotic like a snake or spider, you need to do your research before bringing them into your home. You should be able to provide the best living conditions for the animal you’re getting.

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Do some research prior so you can see what an animal requires and if you can fulfil those needs. If you absolutely don’t have time to look after them, don’t get them. Even the most low-maintenance pets still need to be provided basic comforts.

Prioritize their safety

Keeping your pets safe is definitely one of your main concerns, but it can be a struggle. Pets are curious and can get in a lot of trouble if left unsupervised for too long. If you own a dog, it’s essential not to let them wander off too far, especially if you’re in a densely populated area. Loud or unexpected noises such as those coming from heavy traffic or construction work can confuse and scare dogs and make them more prone to accidents.

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Many animals have a tendency to snoop inside garbage cans, but the contents can expose them to choking hazards, bacteria and mould. You also need to make sure you store household chemicals appropriately. Their smell and taste may be tempting for dogs and cats, but they are so toxic that they can quickly prove fatal if consumed.

Groom them regularly

Proper grooming is very important. Without it, animals are exposed to pests such as fleas or ticks, which may cause infection in both them and their caretakers. Without this essential care, your furry friends are also exposed to many skin conditions, such as eczema or fungal infection. Birds need to be groomed as well by having their claws, beaks and wings trimmed and being bathed from time to time. If you own a tortoise, give it a soak in lukewarm water on a regular basis. It’s important that it stays well hydrated.

Take care of their health

Animals are susceptible to a lot of illnesses and conditions, much like humans. Some of them they are born with, others they acquire, and some come as the result of an accident. No matter the cause, it is good to be prepared and offer them the best care you can get. Get affordable pet insurance for your little buddy to make sure you are always prepared for the unexpected.

It provides you with peace of mind to know your pet is covered by insurance, and you also won’t have to deal with the financial stress of a hefty medical bill in the case of covered care. Insurance may also include routine and preventative care, so any health issue can be caught early before it becomes a bigger risk.

Get them some cool gadgets

Keep your pet and yourself entertained by purchasing some cool gadgets designed especially for the use of pets. If your dog needs more exercise, buy them a treadmill specifically made for dogs.

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An automatic ball launcher is excellent if you love playing fetch with your dog but aren’t all that good at throwing a ball long distance. For cats, go for a DJ decks-shaped cat scratcher so your sofa and wardrobe can get a rest or an interactive cat ball to keep them busy when you’re away from home.

Looking after an animal can be a bit of a handful sometimes, but it’s so fulfilling you just can’t imagine life any other way.

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